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Information about Financing Options in Northern Ohio as well as information about people, places and events in Northern Ohio. Northern Ohio is a Great Place to live and work.



Currently there is a promotion at http://www.restaurant.com that allows you to recieve a 80% discount off the normal cost of Gift Cards purchased at http://www.restaurant.com .   After you select the Gift Cards that you desire and proceed to Checkout, you have to enter "SANTA" in the Promo Code. ...
Ohio has a First Time buyers program that I believe is similar to the ones that are available in other states.  Up until recently the Ohio programs was a valuable program to assist home buyers because it offered a lower than market rate and also offered a Down Payment Assistance Option.  Because ...
One of the biggest complaints people make about their computer is that it is running slow.  The main reason that I find is the limited RAM installed in the computer.   Windows Vista has a feature/program that is installed called ReadyBoost.   Here is short description of ReadyBoost from  Wikipedi...
If you see a Seller or Realtor offering to save you .50% off your interest rate if you buy a home, here is why you are seeing this happening.  An offer of a .50% Lower Rate might cause you to take a second look at the home and is an excellent marketing move on their part.   Below is why this is a...
On the Evening MyFoxNews.com news in Cleveland Ohio they reported that "Low Mortgage Rates are Coming".   Here is a link to that news report.   The news report was based upon a proposal by the Federal Reserve that is described here.   The proposal is to make money available to Banks if they agree...
With interest rates now being so low a number of people have asked if it is a good time to refinance.  Here is a calculator that I created to present information to homeowners to determine if refinancing made sense.  Remember this is only a tool that you can use to see if it might make sense to r...

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