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Information about Financing Options in Northern Ohio as well as information about people, places and events in Northern Ohio. Northern Ohio is a Great Place to live and work.



This is a good post and here is a page/site that summarizes the different rules by state.  http://www.forecloseddreams.com/state-foreclosure-statutes It looks like a good resource for everyone. Beware of Bankers Bearing Gifts The other day I was talking with a client about Listing his home as a S...
With interest rates near a record low and you are considering refinancing your mortgage, You want to look at both rates and closings costs before making the decision to proceed forward.  If you owe more than the home is worth and have been unable to refinace, I may be able to pay the closing cost...
Adding to Jeff's Post is the Loan Amount.  The pricing will be different on a $300,000 Loan versus a $100,000 Loan.    Interest Rates - What kind of rate do you have for me?     Mortgage interest rates can be very complex.  It's a question that is harder to answer today more than ever before. The...

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