early payoff: Home Ownership Accelerator....How It Works - 06/14/10 01:20 AM
Hi everybody. It has been a couple of days,  and I am finally getting around to finishing this post on  the HOA  and how it works.   Thanks for being patient. I have had a lot of commments with regard  to  my first two posts so it is important that this gets posted as quickly as possible.  Thanks for your input!
The truth of the matter is that the HOA product works by using your own money. That is where all the control comes in.  Let's take  a real life example and follow the flow of money through the loan.
In  February 08 I closed  an HOA … (1 comments)

early payoff: HOMEOWNERSHIP ACCELERATOR...... WHAT MAKES IT SO GOOD? - 06/13/10 01:36 PM
Think about your mortgage as a triangle. One leg  of the triangle is the term, one leg is the principle balance and one leg is the interest rate. Each one contributes to the total cost of the mortgage.  If the interest rate is small,  one leg of the triangle may be shorter than the other two legs. If the principle balance is small, that leg may be shorter than the other leg, and that affects the total cost of the loan. I could go on but you get the picture. The point is that  the shorter you make each of the legs the smaller … (0 comments)


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