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 Understanding Adjustable RatesMany homeowners are noticing that they should get out of their adjustable rate mortgages and into a fixed rate to protect themselves and their families from increasing rates and payments on their adjustable rate mortgages. I highly recommend speaking with a mortgage...
                                                                                                                  There's an old saying, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is!" Such is the case with refinancing or purchasing a home and the topic of closing costs. Many lenders in the indust...
Joining in on the American Dream!Well, it's official! I have officially purchased my first home and begun to take part in the American Dream of owning my own home. So, I figured, "What better topic to talk about this week than my own personal experience with purchasing a home?" Was it stressful? ...
                 I was offered a 5% fixed for 30 years, can you beat it?More often than not, borrowers get so caught up in the "rate" that they fail to look at the actual product being offered to them. My goal is to help you avoid this pitfall to save time and money. There are virtually hundreds ...
 For all those out there that don't understand the definition of the word Passion...Let's look it over real quick!Passion-Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. An outburst of strong emotion or feeling.Being a California Real Estate Broker, I have a passion for what I do,...
$400 Appraisal Credit at the close of escrow on all Real Estate or Refinance loans! In appreciation for the hard work that Enloe Hospital employees extend to the Chico,California community, I would like to offer my services as an employee benefit. My name is Scott Gormley and I'm the Broker/Owner...
It's that time of the year again in Chico,California! California State University,Chico...otherwise known as Chico State college students are getting their bags packed and ready to transfer up here. In the meantime, I've had several moms and dads call me up, looking to make an additional investme...
 Like Tony would say, "They'rrrrrreeeeee Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreaaaaatttttt!"Many would think I'm crazy. The purpose of business is to be profitable, right? But I think we have a larger obligation than simply looking at the dollars and cents at the bottom line. In the Real Estate and Lending business, ...
 Here's one that I don't get and it was on my own mortgage! Imagine that...A mortgage broker having issues with his lender on his own mortgage. I find that more often than not, I have a full understanding of what is going on with my loan and impound account and the managers that deal with custome...
Last year, we made a decision to purchase a new home. I firmly believe that it is the new construction of homes and the price builders are charging per square foot that really determines the strentgh and conditions of a local real estate market. Afterall, the opportunity cost of not having a bran...

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