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 Many asked me this year if there is a way to lowball a real estate agents' commission. My answer is very simple, "You get what you pay for!" If you were in need of a doctor and you were about to go into surgery, would you lowball the doctor? If you were about to go on trial and your liberty was ...
Hey Everyone,Virgil Cole is an awesome Real Estate Agent at Prudential Real Estate in Chico, California and he puts together a comprehensive market report of what has been taking place in the local Chico market over the past few months. He spends alot of time putting together the data and I'm sur...
Are you feeling lost with your current California Home Loan? You don't know when your home loan is about to adjust...But, you know it's soon! You don't know when it is going to "flip to an adjustable rate." You don't know when the prepayment penalty is over from your previous refinance. Don't fee...
  Last night, I got into a good discussion with some family and friends about how things have changed in Real Estate...Specifically...For Young Couples! Over the past few years, there have been some MAJOR changes in the Real Estate Market!Homes across the United States have doubled, tripled and e...
This blog is to everyone in the Active Rain community and professionals in states outside of California! If you have clients that are looking to relocate to California from your state and you don't have a resource for them...I would appreciate the opportunity to be it! I own Beach Town Mortgage i...
Each and everytime we get a new client at Oak Valley Mortgage or Beach Town Mortgage, we go to bat for our clients! What does that mean? Here's a list of things that you can expect from us...1.) We look out for YOUR BEST INTERESTS! I.E. What are your goals? What are you trying to acheive with you...
Everything in the mortgage industry is geared towards the rate. What are your rates? Who has the best rates? What are the rates doing?I'm here to tell you that the mortgage industry goes far beyond what the rate is. The rate is just a number! Yes, a number the ultimately determines the amount tha...
  The standard rule for estimating monthly property tax and hazard insurance paymentsfor a purchase transaction in the state of California are as follows:Taxes = Purchase price X .0125 / 12Hazard Insurance = Total Loan amount X .0035 / 12.Example 1 - Purchase price = $500,000.  Loan amount = $400...
I've been starting to branch out on Active Rain. Up to this point, I've stuck to the game plan of writing my blogs, inviting people to the network and making comments. I'm not a pushy person. I've never been one to go into agents offices, begging for business. Some of you will be receiving an ema...
Understanding the importance of Equal Opportunity Lending is very important to us in the mortgage industry. It's symbol is much more than an image, which simply represents happy thoughts. Rather, it represents the commitment to not discriminate against our clients and/or potential clients based o...

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