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It's one of the 10 Commandments, Love thy neighbor...yet across the United States, there are neighbor disputes going on daily. I've seen some interesting stuff over the years. From the basic neighbor that thinks the entire street curb in front of both of their homes is his/hers to boundary lines ...
Hello Everyone,I thought that Real Estate Agents,Lenders and consumers would like to know that the OFHEO (Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight) had a News Release on November 28th 2006, which confirmed that the 2007 Conforming Loan Limit for one unit properties would remain at $417,000 ...
 Working in the lending business, there is a major topic that must be talked about. What is it? Your client's privacy. I had a client say to me the other day, "wow, you know more private information about me than my partner now!" To which I replied, "and you can feel confident that I will protect...
There have been a few times this year that I've come across issues with agents and clients over the distinction between Real Property and Personal Property when it comes to mobile homes. In the eyes of many, mobile homes are just!But, there is a clear distinction between a mobile hom...
From time to time, I feel like I need to give clients a "shot of reality!" Why? All consumers are out there listening to crazy, unrealistic offers in the media about home loan programs that few often qualify for....and the ones that do, often don't want the product to begin with! Ofcourse, everyo...
This morning, I tried to start off the day on a productive note. I received the approval from my investor at 5:00pm last night on a file and went to work on getting all of the "prior to doc" and "prior to funding" conditions knocked out. By 7:30am this morning, I had all of my emails out and resp...
 California over the years has become a state that is dependent on thinking "outside the box" to meet the demands of residents in the state in regards to energy. So, what have we been doing for a few years now? A program called "Flex Your Power", which promotes the idea of conserving energy and s...
Lenders will initially look at:Employment Income Assets Some kind of creditEmployment - Employment is a critical part of the mortgage application. Being employed continuously for the past two years is helpful. Being in the same line of work is preferred, since it shows that you have been consiste...
 With the influx of home purchases in the late 90's and into the New Century, a phenomenon hit us all. Homes were increasing in value and the banks needed to figure out a way to keep business flowing. Otherwise, it would come close to a schreeching hault, due to the afordability factor. Yup, the ...
Getting off a Telemarketer’s ListWhen a telemarketer calls, document when and where they are calling from and ask them to please put you on their “do not call list” (use those exact words). According to federal law, they are not allowed to call you again. If they persist and continue to call you,...

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