homeowner: Organizing Your Closet - 01/07/10 03:08 PM
One of the most popular New Year's resolutions people make is to get more organized, so we decided to focus on this topic over the next several weeks. During this time, we will be researching and sharing the tips we find for organizing the various areas of your Lennar home.
We decided to start in the closet, since many people donate, sell, or recycle unused clothing at the end of the year. Besides this, closets are fairly simple to organize, so it's a great place to begin building a feeling of accomplishment. We found this comprehensive article entitled Closet Organization Ideas … (4 comments)

homeowner: Checklist and Tips for a Successful Move - 11/16/09 04:57 AM

Moving into a new home is often one of the most thrilling times of your life. It can also be very stressful, but with proper planning, can be fun and exciting.  As you know, there are many responsibilities that accompany the moving process, and overlooking even the simplest of those may cause unexpected setbacks for you. We want your entire home buying experience to be as enjoyable as possible - to help achieve that, we have compiled the following moving tips and checklist to help facilitate your move. We hope they will help you and your family make a smooth transition … (15 comments)

homeowner: Tips to Declutter Your Home - 11/11/09 04:47 AM
If you've ever been stressed about too much stuff in your home, it may feel like decluttering is an insurmountable task. Well, we searched the web and found a website with some great tips on taking control of the clutter - in a fun way that helps you feel like you're spending minimal time doing so.
This great article shares 5 Tips to Declutter in 15 Minutes a Day, starting with the 27-Fling Boogie. So, set your timer and start making a positive change in your home today!


homeowner: The Why’s and What’s of Buying Your First Home - 11/10/09 02:30 AM
Why Buy?
Owning a home is much smarter than renting. Some of those reasons give you fulfillment and independence, while others can help secure your future and put money back in your pocket.
Rent money is virtually wasted - no return on investment No landlord to answer to Homestead exemption, interest and other substantial tax write-offs You profit from home and property upgrades, improvements and increase in value, not your landlord An investment in your future Homeownership helps you qualify for other types of loans and lines of credit What to Do & Know?
With proper planning and information, buying a … (0 comments)

homeowner: Cure the Backyard Blues - 11/05/09 01:08 AM
Looking to spice up your outdoor living space and need some help getting started? More and more people are choosing to spend their time entertaining outdoors, enjoying family and friends or just getting away from the stresses of everyday life.
Whether you are a homeowner looking to design your own backyard retreat or a seasoned professional, the overwhelming array of design options can be extremely daunting.
Danny Lipford, host of "Today's Homeowner," has some great ideas about how to transform your backyard into your own personal haven.

homeowner: Winterizing Your Home - 11/03/09 03:39 AM
If you live in a climate where freezing temperatures occur, you will need to perform certain maintenance tasks in order to keep your home in top operating condition.
Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for winter conditions - and avoid some of the common mistakes made:

Sump Pumps
If you have a sump pump, we recommend installing a battery back-up sump pump, especially if your basement is finished. The battery back-up pumps beep when they are in use, alerting you that there is a problem with your pump. To prevent freeze ups or damage to your sump … (7 comments)

homeowner: Addressing Drywall Cracks and Nail Pops - 10/26/09 02:19 PM
Your Lennar home has been built to meet the needs of your family - and to last. As you know, minor cosmetic imperfections occur as a home settles and do not necessarily indicate that there are any major problems. In fact, as your home settles, it is very common for hairline cracks and nail pops to appear on both the interior and exterior walls. These are normal and are caused by the natural expansion and contraction of the materials in your home. A nail pop is what happens when wall studs and drywall contract, causing the nail to pop out from … (3 comments)

homeowner: Garbage Disposal Dos and Don’ts - 10/26/09 02:18 PM
Your new Lennar home includes many of the conveniences of modern living. The garbage disposal in your kitchen sink is one of these useful features.
The garbage disposal is not meant for disposing of large amounts of leftover food, especially items like potato peels or eggshells. Large bones and fibrous materials can also damage the garbage disposal. Make sure to refer to the manufacturer's instructions for information on exactly how to use your garbage disposal.
When using the disposal, run cold water to wash down materials, letting it run for a sufficient amount of time to carry the particles down and … (0 comments)

homeowner: Mold and Efflorescence - 10/26/09 07:59 AM
A discoloration, generally white in color, may develop on your stucco, brick or stacked stone surfaces. This is known as efflorescence, and is basically just salt that is deposited on the surface through a natural chemical process. Although efflorescence changes the appearance of the surface, it is not structurally damaging or harmful to the masonry.
To remove efflorescence, mix warm water with a bit of vinegar, then scrub the area with a stiff brush. If this does not work, you can purchase special cleaning products from your local hardware store. Make sure to check the manufacturer's product information to ensure that … (0 comments)

homeowner: What Are Weep Holes? - 10/22/09 01:23 PM
Now that you have moved into your new home, you will probably start noticing more details in the structure of your home, such as gaps between the bricks. Although these may look like large cracks between your bricks, don't be afraid.
These openings - called weep holes - are purposely left between bricks in the lower layers of external walls to assist in proper drainage and ventilation. Without ventilation, internal wall studs and other building materials within the wall cavity can become damaged by damp conditions. Additionally, condensation and water that enters the wall cavity need to have an escape path … (4 comments)

homeowner: LennarCares - Blog Dedicated To Help You Care For Your Home - 10/22/09 10:10 AM
Lennar is proud to bring you LennarCares.com. This blog was designed for Lennar Customers - or anyone looking for information on caring for their home. Besides quick and easy access to Lennar's Customer Care team, LennarCares.com offers useful tips on home maintenance, energy efficiency, and decorating ideas offered by our very own Lennar Associates. LennarCares.com contains supplemental information to Lennar.com and will provide you with an extra level of dedicated customer service, should you need it.


homeowner: Maintaining Your Faucets - 10/22/09 02:12 AM
Taking care of the faucets in your new home should be part of your regular maintenance routine. You should plan to inspect and clean your faucet aerators on a quarterly basis.
Keep in mind that normal wear and tear will take its toll on the faucet's water pressure. This is because over time, sediment buildup may occur on your faucet's aerator screen - a device that looks like a small filter. Its job is to add air to the water as it leaves the faucet, conserving water and keeping it from spraying.
Before you start working on your faucets, make sure … (1 comments)

homeowner: Caulking – An Important Part of Home Maintenance - 10/20/09 01:55 PM
Caulk is a substance that has many important uses. It is widely used in construction to seal openings where air and water might enter wall cavities, helping to prevent water damage, increase energy efficiency, and prevent insects from crawling through cracks into your Lennar home. Caulk is also used around faucets, pipes, drains, bathtubs and other plumbing fixtures. It provides a moisture barrier, keeping water away from areas that could be damaged if exposed to water. Caulk can be used to close small cracks and gaps that may result from the movement of materials due to changes in temperature. Finally, caulk … (2 comments)

homeowner: Draining a Water Heater - 10/15/09 12:41 PM
Draining the water heater in your new Lennar home is a part of homeowner maintenance that should be done at least once a year. Check the manufacturer's instructions for more information about your particular water heater and the suggested frequency for flushing the system.
The purpose of draining your water heater is to remove limestone and sediment that can collect on the bottom of the tank. Doing this maintenance can increase its life and reduce your utility bills by allowing the water heater to operate at maximum efficiency.
Please remember to be very careful when performing this maintenance, as there is … (1 comments)

homeowner: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors - 10/15/09 01:56 AM
Your new Lennar home comes with smoke detectors to help protect you and your family. There may also be carbon monoxide (CO) detectors installed. These items are wired directly into your electrical system and should also have back-up batteries installed. It is very important that you keep these devices in good working condition - they could save your life one day.
Be sure to test these units on a regular basis to ensure that they are working properly. Follow the instructions in your unit's manual for directions on how to perform regular testing.
During a power failure the units should continue … (0 comments)

homeowner: Save on Energy Costs with the Correct Ceiling Fan Settings - 10/13/09 05:49 AM
How should the ceiling fan rotate during summer and winter? Is your ceiling fan on the proper setting? It could save you energy dollars if it rotates correctly.
Ceiling fans provide great air circulation and you can optimize these benefits by ensuring the rotation of the blades is correct for circulating warm air or a cooling breeze.
During the winter when you are using your heat, to help circulate warm air that is trapped on the ceiling, blades should turn ‘forward' in a clockwise motion. This movement will push up the air and pull the warm trapped air down the sides … (2 comments)

homeowner: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters - 10/07/09 06:17 AM
In addition to the circuit breakers in the breaker box, your Lennar home has ground fault circuit interrupters, also known as GFCI or GFI outlets. These outlets are intended to provide extra safety in your home by working to prevent accidental electrocutions, burns, and electric shock injuries. For more information on exactly how GFCIs work, please click here to read an excellent article published by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Your Lennar home is built in accordance with the National Electrical Code, which requires GFCI outlets in the kitchen, bathrooms, garage, and most outdoor receptacles. Keep in mind that one … (18 comments)

homeowner: Renting vs. Owning - 10/06/09 09:13 AM
If you're renting a home, here's why now might be the right time to become a new home owner. Watch this video from Lennar, and see why owning a new home of your own may be better for you than paying rent. You own the moment!
If you're renting a home, here's why right now might be the right time to re-think that commitment and become a new home owner. First, the basics of Renting vs. Owning. WHEN YOU RENT, your monthly payment goes out the door and into your landlord's pocket. BUT WHEN YOU OWN, your monthly mortgage payment builds … (4 comments)

homeowner: Moving Checklist - 10/06/09 05:11 AM
Over Lennar's 55 year history, we've seen a lot of new homebuyers move into their new homes. And we know that moving can be one of the most thrilling - and most chaotic - times of your life. There are many responsibilities that accompany the moving process, and overlooking even the simplest of those may cause unexpected setbacks for you. But with proper planning, you can make your move less stressful - and more fun.
So how can we help? At Lennar, our goal is to make your entire home buying experience as enjoyable as possible. That's why we have compiled … (1 comments)

homeowner: Lennar's 55th Anniversary - 10/01/09 05:22 AM
Fifty-five years ago, a company was created that would become one of the strongest names in American homebuilding. Now Lennar is celebrating its 55th Anniversary all year long, all across the nation. Watch this commemorative video to see real Lennar Associates talking about what makes their company special, and why you should buy your home today from a homebuilder who will be here tomorrow.
55 years ago, Leonard Miller and Arnold Rosen came together and created a company that would remain one of the strongest names in American homebuilding. Now here we are 55 years later celebrating LENNARS 55th Anniversary. All … (0 comments)