homes: Introducing Lennar’s “Like It Up” Sweepstakes, With A Chance To Win Up To $10,000 - 05/01/12 03:42 AM
If you like Lennar, and if you like to win, Lennar has a Sweepstakes for you! Lennar’s “Like It Up” Sweepstakes is now open for entries, and one lucky winner could win up to $10,000. To enter, be sure to “Like” our Lennar page on Facebook, and tell your friends and family to “Like” Lennar too. Because the more “Likes” Lennar adds, the more you’ll LIKE the prize. The final Sweepstakes prize amount will be determined based on the number of additional “Likes” received on the Lennar Facebook page during the Sweepstakes period, which lasts throughout the month of May. If … (0 comments)

homes: Lennar Announces “Buy New/Buy Now” Sweepstakes, With A Chance To Win $5,000 - 01/19/12 01:18 AM
Lennar’s “Buy New/Buy Now” Sweepstakes has officially begun! With prices and interest rates where they are, buying a new Lennar home now is one of the smartest moves you’ll ever make. And if you win Lennar’s Sweepstakes, you’ll have an extra $5,000 to put towards your purchase. Click on the link below to enter Lennar’s Sweepstakes, and tell us what else you would buy new, right now, if you had $5,000 cash. And remember to invite your friends – because for every friend you invite who enters, you’ll automatically be entered for another chance to win the $5,000 prize. Good luck! [Click … (2 comments)

homes: Home For The Holidays Contest Winners! - 11/19/10 02:00 AM

Thanks to everyone who entered our Home For the Holidays contest. We enjoyed reading all of the entries.
Congratulations to Reine Bullard for her winning entry.Visit to view Reine's story.
And Congratulations to the 5 Winners of a $100 Apple gift card.
Fran Exposito - Kristen Kimball - Phil Peter - Mallika Basu - Liv Mont
Be on the look out for our next contest!

homes: A History Of Quality, Value & Integrity - 08/27/10 03:59 AM
The Lennar story begins in 1954...and the rest is history. This video highlights the important milestones from Lennar's over 55-year history. How Lennar began in Florida. How Lennar grew across America. And how our Company's innovative and strategic approaches have built a reputation for quality, value and integrity that has established Lennar as a leading American homebuilder, yesterday, today and tomorrow.


homes: Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Home - Any guesses as to where it is located? - 08/18/10 06:15 AM

homes: Caring for Exterior Walls - 03/26/10 07:28 AM
Just like the interior walls, the exterior walls of your Lennar home may form hairline cracks on the surface or in the mortar joints. These cracks should be addressed quickly to help prevent any possible water intrusion. To ensure that cracks are handled quickly, you should inspect the exterior surface as part of your regular home maintenance plan. While inspecting the exterior of your home, be sure not to confuse cracks with weep holes, which are intentionally included as a means of ensuring proper ventilation and drainage.
This section of the Lennar Home Care Video focuses on your exterior walls, how … (1 comments)

homes: Lennar Launches New Website Highlighting “PowerSmart” Homes - 03/15/10 04:50 AM
To coincide with the introduction of our PowerSmart homes, Lennar has launched a new website to inform our Customers about Lennar's overall commitment to green homebuilding, along with details of PowerSmart homes as they are introduced in Lennar markets across the nation. Designed as a supplemental microsite to the company's main website, features green living tips, information and resources about green technology and homebuilding, and a continuously expanding library of "going green" videos. Watch the United States map turn green as PowerSmart homes are introduced in more Lennar homebuilding markets, and discover how the PowerSmart home by Lennar is designed … (0 comments)

homes: Lennar Launches New “Green” Blog: Empowered By Lennar - 03/05/10 12:54 AM
To coincide with the introduction of its new PowerSmart homes, Lennar has launched a new blog that will keep visitors up to date with Lennar's latest green-inspired initiatives. The intent of Lennar's new "Empowered by Lennar" blog is to participate in the green conversation by focusing on major topics and themes within the world of Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Air Quality and Green Building. Lennar's desire is to communicate our passion for these topics through articles, poll questions, videos, and links. This topic is increasingly important to our Company, and our "Empowered by Lennar" blog will enable us to share our … (1 comments)

homes: Organizing Paper Clutter in Your Home - 01/25/10 08:42 AM
What homeowner doesn't love looking around and seeing a nice, tidy space where they can easily find everything? With the enormous amount of paper we accumulate in our trying-to-be-paperless world, it can sometimes seem like quite a burden to keep from being overwhelmed by a pile of papers.
Our Lennar team found this useful article with tips on how to handle the papers in your life. Written by Cynthia Ewer, The ABCs of Household Paper Management is full of information on how to control and organize the papers coming in from various sources. We hope you will find this article helpful, … (1 comments)

homes: LENNAR ENTERS ATLANTA MARKET - 01/25/10 02:33 AM
Homebuilder Hires Todd Jones As Division President
01.25.2010 - Atlanta, Ga. - Lennar, one of the nation's leading homebuilders, is pleased to announce its continuing expansion in the Southeast Region with entry into the Atlanta market. The homebuilder's Southeast Region currently operates communities in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Georgia will become the 17th state Lennar builds homes in nationwide. "Atlanta is one of the largest cities in the Southeast and one of America's fastest growing cities. We have been interested in entering this market for some time," said Sam Sparks, President of Lennar's Southeast Region. "Our … (1 comments)

homes: Maintaining Your Home’s Plumbing System - 01/19/10 07:12 AM
There are several major systems that contribute to the overall functionality of your new home. One of these is the plumbing system. Like most things in your home, the plumbing system requires regular maintenance to help keep it operating in top shape.
We have created the Lennar Home Care Video as a resource to provide tips on how to maintain and care for your home. This section of the video covers plumbing topics including: shutoff valves, sink traps and drains, garbage disposals, and handling clogged drains. View the 6 minute video below to learn more about these topics.


homes: Caring for Your Home’s Exterior - 12/08/09 07:56 AM
The exterior of your Lennar home is built using quality products. Even so, features such as your roof, walls, doors, windows, flatwork and landscaping are affected by the elements of nature and will need regular maintenance to keep them looking their best.
This section of the Lennar Home Care Video discusses some of the most common exterior areas and items that require maintenance, including your roof; mold and efflorescence; concrete, asphalt and pavers; garage doors; decks; and hurricane shutters.  Watch the 10-minute video below to learn more about these topics.

homes: Checklist and Tips for a Successful Move - 11/16/09 04:57 AM

Moving into a new home is often one of the most thrilling times of your life. It can also be very stressful, but with proper planning, can be fun and exciting.  As you know, there are many responsibilities that accompany the moving process, and overlooking even the simplest of those may cause unexpected setbacks for you. We want your entire home buying experience to be as enjoyable as possible - to help achieve that, we have compiled the following moving tips and checklist to help facilitate your move. We hope they will help you and your family make a smooth transition … (15 comments)

homes: Tax Credit Extended Into 2010 And Expanded To Include More Homebuyers - 11/11/09 09:08 AM
On November 6th, President Barack Obama signed the Worker, Homeownership and Business Assistance Act of 2009 into law, extending and expanding the homebuyer tax credit that was previously scheduled to expire at the end of November. No longer just a tax credit for first-time homebuyers, the new legislation also provides a tax credit to existing homeowners as well. Here are some of the details you should know.• The deadline for first-time homebuyers to take advantage of the up to $8,000 tax credit is now extended to cover home purchases that close by April 30th, 2010.
• If a home is under contract … (1 comments)

homes: Tips to Declutter Your Home - 11/11/09 04:47 AM
If you've ever been stressed about too much stuff in your home, it may feel like decluttering is an insurmountable task. Well, we searched the web and found a website with some great tips on taking control of the clutter - in a fun way that helps you feel like you're spending minimal time doing so.
This great article shares 5 Tips to Declutter in 15 Minutes a Day, starting with the 27-Fling Boogie. So, set your timer and start making a positive change in your home today!


homes: The Why’s and What’s of Buying Your First Home - 11/10/09 02:30 AM
Why Buy?
Owning a home is much smarter than renting. Some of those reasons give you fulfillment and independence, while others can help secure your future and put money back in your pocket.
Rent money is virtually wasted - no return on investment No landlord to answer to Homestead exemption, interest and other substantial tax write-offs You profit from home and property upgrades, improvements and increase in value, not your landlord An investment in your future Homeownership helps you qualify for other types of loans and lines of credit What to Do & Know?
With proper planning and information, buying a … (0 comments)

homes: Accenting With Accessories - 11/05/09 03:27 AM
If you have the basics down, but just aren't sure how to accessorize your new Lennar home, this article is a great place to start.
Brought to you by, Ten Tips for Accessorizing Your Home gives you simple ideas for how to put the finishing touches on your new home.
From adding art and accessories to using color, these tips will give you a great foundation - and when you are ready to start shopping, check out our Lennar Rewards Program for access to great deals from some of the country's leading retailers.

homes: Cure the Backyard Blues - 11/05/09 01:08 AM
Looking to spice up your outdoor living space and need some help getting started? More and more people are choosing to spend their time entertaining outdoors, enjoying family and friends or just getting away from the stresses of everyday life.
Whether you are a homeowner looking to design your own backyard retreat or a seasoned professional, the overwhelming array of design options can be extremely daunting.
Danny Lipford, host of "Today's Homeowner," has some great ideas about how to transform your backyard into your own personal haven.

homes: Winterizing Your Home - 11/03/09 03:39 AM
If you live in a climate where freezing temperatures occur, you will need to perform certain maintenance tasks in order to keep your home in top operating condition.
Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for winter conditions - and avoid some of the common mistakes made:

Sump Pumps
If you have a sump pump, we recommend installing a battery back-up sump pump, especially if your basement is finished. The battery back-up pumps beep when they are in use, alerting you that there is a problem with your pump. To prevent freeze ups or damage to your sump … (7 comments)

homes: Lennar First-Time Homeowners Offer Important Advice In New Videos - 10/27/09 02:00 AM
Lennar asked some of our new first-time homeowners to share their experiences, their emotions and some friendly advice about becoming a new homeowner for the very first time. And since they had just gone through the process, they had a lot of great information to share! If you're considering making the move to home ownership, watching these three videos from Lennar is a great first step. And whenever you're ready to own your first home, you'll find it at
First-Time Homeowners Share Their EXPERIENCESLennar asked some of our new first-time homeowners to share their experiences in purchasing and mortgaging their … (0 comments)