lennar: Enter Lennar’s “Like It Up” Sweepstakes: Grand Prize Now At $7,500… - 05/21/12 04:37 AM
 As of this posting, there are only 10 days left to enter Lennar’s “Like It Up” Sweepstakes. These are your last days to enter – and share Lennar’s Sweepstakes with your friends. Because the more “Likes” Lennar adds, the more you’ll LIKE the prize. The final Sweepstakes prize amount will be determined based on the number of additional “Likes” received on the Lennar Facebook page during the Sweepstakes period, which lasts throughout the month of May. The prize for our one lucky winner has already been “Liked” up to $7,500. If Lennar reaches our milestone of 20,000 Likes added during the … (2 comments)

lennar: Introducing Lennar’s “Like It Up” Sweepstakes, With A Chance To Win Up To $10,000 - 05/01/12 03:42 AM
If you like Lennar, and if you like to win, Lennar has a Sweepstakes for you! Lennar’s “Like It Up” Sweepstakes is now open for entries, and one lucky winner could win up to $10,000. To enter, be sure to “Like” our Lennar page on Facebook, and tell your friends and family to “Like” Lennar too. Because the more “Likes” Lennar adds, the more you’ll LIKE the prize. The final Sweepstakes prize amount will be determined based on the number of additional “Likes” received on the Lennar Facebook page during the Sweepstakes period, which lasts throughout the month of May. If … (0 comments)

lennar: Why do you LOVE Lennar? - 04/26/12 01:59 AM
Over the past few years we have enjoyed hearing the stories about your experiences with Lennar on our social media sites.  We just launched an application on the Lennar page on Facebook so we can collect your stories in one place.  Be sure to stop by and tell your Lennar story!
Click here to tell us why you LOVE Lennar!


lennar: Lennar Launches New Facebook Timeline Format - 04/16/12 06:31 AM
Lennar is pleased to announce that we have launched the new Timeline format on our Facebook page. Similar to the Timelines that Facebook is rolling out for personal profiles, the Timeline page format for businesses and organizations greatly enhances the overall experience in a number of ways. “The goal is to make Pages more engaging and more social,” said Gokul Rajaram, Facebook’s product director for ads. Online news site Mashable explained how the Facebook Timeline page design provides a more personal experience: “A prominently displayed section on the landing page shows how many of your friends like the brand, as well … (1 comments)

lennar: Lennar Announces “Buy New/Buy Now” Sweepstakes, With A Chance To Win $5,000 - 01/19/12 01:18 AM
Lennar’s “Buy New/Buy Now” Sweepstakes has officially begun! With prices and interest rates where they are, buying a new Lennar home now is one of the smartest moves you’ll ever make. And if you win Lennar’s Sweepstakes, you’ll have an extra $5,000 to put towards your purchase. Click on the link below to enter Lennar’s Sweepstakes, and tell us what else you would buy new, right now, if you had $5,000 cash. And remember to invite your friends – because for every friend you invite who enters, you’ll automatically be entered for another chance to win the $5,000 prize. Good luck! [Click … (2 comments)

lennar: Like to Doodle? - 03/17/11 04:45 AM
Lennar Announces New “Everyone Imagine” Doodle Contest And $1,000 Cash Grand Prize  
Lennar’s “Everything’s Included” Homes are built with the most desirable features included at no extra charge. To be able to include everything, we have a good idea of the types of features our home buyers want and need in their homes. But what about YOU? What if you could imagine any one thing in the world that you’d like to have included in YOUR dream home? Just dream it…then draw it! Lennar invites everyone 13 years and older to imagine the one thing your home MUST include to … (0 comments)

lennar: Lennar Reignites “Everything’s Included” Marketing Platform Across The Nation, With New Brand Identity Highlighting Its Commitment To Green Homebuilding - 01/18/11 02:14 AM

Lennar, one of the nation’s leading homebuilders since 1954, has announced that it is reigniting its Everything’s Included marketing platform across the nation. Lennar’s goal with Everything’s Included is to ensure that Lennar homes always offer the very best value in every market in which they build, by targeting the options and upgrades that are most desirable to its customers, and including them as standard in the price of the home.
Originally created by Lennar in the early 1990s, the Everything’s Included home buying concept helped to uniquely position Lennar in the homebuilding industry, compared to other builders who typically … (1 comments)

lennar: Lennar Reaches New Milestone With 25,000 Fans On Facebook - 01/11/11 09:41 AM
Somehow, we just knew that 1/11/11 would turn out to be a very special day. And this afternoon, all of us at Lennar were proud to reach a new milestone, with 25,000 “likes” for our Facebook page by Lennar fans across the country. Since we began our Lennar presence on Facebook in August of 2008, we’ve had the privilege of learning more about our fans, our homeowners and our potential new customers.
Facebook has made it quick and easy for Associates in our company to interact, share news and information, and have some fun together with our fans. In addition … (1 comments)

lennar: How To Say Lennar - 12/21/10 03:41 AM
We asked people on the street to say the name of our Company shown on our LENNAR sign. As it turns out, the pronunciations of our Company name were all over the board. So we put together this video podcast to help the people of America with the official pronunciation of LENNAR - a combination of the first names of our Company’s co-founders, Leonard and Arnold. Watch this video and see why a new home by Lennar is easy to own, easy to love, and really easy to say.

lennar: Home For The Holidays Contest Winners! - 11/19/10 02:00 AM

Thanks to everyone who entered our Home For the Holidays contest. We enjoyed reading all of the entries.
Congratulations to Reine Bullard for her winning entry.Visit Facebook.com/Lennar to view Reine's story.
And Congratulations to the 5 Winners of a $100 Apple gift card.
Fran Exposito - Kristen Kimball - Phil Peter - Mallika Basu - Liv Mont
Be on the look out for our next contest!

lennar: The Places Lennar Calls "Home" - 10/25/10 03:43 AM
If your home could be any place in the U.S.A., where would it be? This new video highlights all of the places that Lennar calls "home," featuring Lennar Associates representing their markets where Lennar's new homes and communities are located. We hope you enjoy this video journey across our nation. It's our way of showing you what's really behind the Lennar name: a talented and dedicated collection of people who are building dreams and opportunities for new home buyers all across America. Wherever you decide to call home, and whenever you're ready, we'll be here.

lennar: What makes going home for the holidays meaningful to you? - 10/08/10 10:21 AM
Today we launched our "Home for the Holidays" contest. We want to know why it would be especially meaningful for you to go home for the holidays this year. The winner will receive a travel voucher for $1,500 to help send them home for the holidays.
Plus, 5 lucky entrants will be randomly selected to receive a $100 Apple gift card!
Share your story with us!
Visit Facebook.com/Lennar or Lennar.com to enter. 


lennar: 5 Chores To Do Before Fall - 09/17/10 06:37 AM
With fall officially starting in just a couple of weeks, it’s time to start preparing our homes for the next season. By starting now and taking care of these 5 chores, you’ll get a great start on getting your home ready. From organizing your garage and home office to packing up your backyard and cultivating your garden, this article has some helpful and quick solutions for you.  [Read this article] … (0 comments)

lennar: What Does "Lennar" Mean To You? - 09/17/10 06:36 AM
Talk to people who are part of Lennar and you're bound to hear a common theme over and over: There's just something about Lennar that makes us different. But what is that something? What does the Lennar name stand for? We asked that very question to some of our Associates, to find out what the name above their own on their Name Badge means to them. And we kept the camera rolling to create this new Lennar video, to help people outside our company gain insight into what makes Lennar so special on the inside.
We would love to know what "Lennar" … (0 comments)

lennar: 25 Eco-Chic Ideas for Your Home - 09/10/10 06:37 AM
Looking for inspiration to incorporate both trendiness and the environment into your decor? These eco-chic ideas will help you do just that. From recycled glass to repurposed sweaters and beyond, this article has some creative – and fun ways to decorate while keeping the environment in mind.[Read this article]


lennar: A History Of Quality, Value & Integrity - 08/27/10 03:59 AM
The Lennar story begins in 1954...and the rest is history. This video highlights the important milestones from Lennar's over 55-year history. How Lennar began in Florida. How Lennar grew across America. And how our Company's innovative and strategic approaches have built a reputation for quality, value and integrity that has established Lennar as a leading American homebuilder, yesterday, today and tomorrow.


lennar: Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Home - Any guesses as to where it is located? - 08/18/10 06:15 AM

lennar: Proper Ceiling Fan Settings Can Equal Lower Energy Costs - 08/09/10 06:47 AM
Are your ceiling fans set properly in your Lennar home? From season to season, ceiling fans need a bit of attention to ensure that the blades are rotating in the correct direction. The minimal amount of time it takes to make these adjustments can save you money on your energy costs.
Ceiling fans provide great air circulation and you can optimize these benefits by ensuring the rotation of the blades is correct for circulating warm air or a cooling breeze.
During the hot summer weather when you are running the air conditioner, blades should rotate in a ‘reverse’ counter-clockwise motion. The air movement has the … (6 comments)

lennar: Wow! That's a Low Rate! - 07/19/10 05:37 AM

lennar: Let's Keep America Moving - 07/14/10 08:02 AM
Join Lennar this weekend,
July 17th and 18th,
for special prices and financing!
Visit any Lennar Welcome
Home Center throughout the nation!Check out the Let's Keep America Moving Event Page on Facebook or Lennar.com

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