organization: 5 Chores To Do Before Fall - 09/17/10 06:37 AM
With fall officially starting in just a couple of weeks, it’s time to start preparing our homes for the next season. By starting now and taking care of these 5 chores, you’ll get a great start on getting your home ready. From organizing your garage and home office to packing up your backyard and cultivating your garden, this article has some helpful and quick solutions for you.  [Read this article] … (0 comments)

organization: Tips for Storing and Organizing Craft Supplies - 06/18/10 03:04 AM
With the kids out of school for the summer, storing and organizing craft supplies might be at the top of your to-do list. With the fun and freedom of creativity comes the responsibility of cleaning up and organizing – a great summertime lesson for kids. Our Lennar team searched the web and found a couple of helpful articles with some handy tips for keeping your craft supplies neat and tidy.
For some truly unique and special ideas to get your kids involved, check out Organizing Kids’ Art and Craft Supplies. There are some really innovative ideas for using recycled items to keep your space … (2 comments)

organization: Gardening and Yard Care: Organizing Your Tools - 05/21/10 08:16 AM
Is gardening and yard care part of your routine maintenance program? With all of the tools and supplies available to help these days, it’s become much easier (and fun) to do these tasks. Once you’re done with these tasks, where do you put all of these helpful tools and products? It can sometimes be a bit too easy to stack them all in a corner in your garage or shed and forget about them until have to search for them the next time. It’s at this point that you might decide that a good organizational plan would be helpful.
We found … (2 comments)

organization: 20 Tips to Live and Clean Green - 03/02/10 12:46 AM
It's that time of year again: spring cleaning time. Time to clean, freshen up and declutter your house. This year though, as you get ready to bring out the chemicals and toss out old unused items, think Green! Lennar has some great tips to help you tackle your chores in a way that'll be great for your home and for the environment.
Forget ammonia-based window cleaners! The windows in your home can be effectively cleaned with 4 tablespoons lemon juice mixed with a half gallon of water. Other effective cleaners for glass and mirrors are rubbing alcohol and witch hazel. + … (4 comments)

organization: How to Organize a Mudroom - 02/05/10 08:36 AM
One area of the home that is often overlooked is the mudroom - the area that greets your family and friends as they enter your home. Holding everything from jackets, shoes, boots, and hats to sports equipment, the mudroom has become the ultimate storage area. Considering that it's one of the smallest rooms in many homes, it can be difficult to control everything that gets packed into this catch-all space. However, it can be done - and done with style.
Our Lennar team set out to find some tips on gaining control of this special room and we came up with … (3 comments)

organization: Organizing Paper Clutter in Your Home - 01/25/10 08:42 AM
What homeowner doesn't love looking around and seeing a nice, tidy space where they can easily find everything? With the enormous amount of paper we accumulate in our trying-to-be-paperless world, it can sometimes seem like quite a burden to keep from being overwhelmed by a pile of papers.
Our Lennar team found this useful article with tips on how to handle the papers in your life. Written by Cynthia Ewer, The ABCs of Household Paper Management is full of information on how to control and organize the papers coming in from various sources. We hope you will find this article helpful, … (1 comments)

organization: Organizing Your Child’s Room - 01/19/10 07:11 AM
Does it seem like your child is constantly bringing home new artwork, toys, books, and other goodies? When you start looking at the piles of special treasures that can accumulate, organization can seem like an almost insurmountable task. Have no fear, though - our Lennar team found some great ideas for storing, organizing, and displaying these unique and cherished items.
For organizing paperwork, awards, photos, and similar items, we found this great article by Sarah Aguirre entitled Tips on Displaying and Storing Kid's Papers, Photos, Projects, and More. And for general housekeeping ideas, check out Organizing Children's Rooms, a comprehensive article … (0 comments)

organization: Organizing Your Closet - 01/07/10 03:08 PM
One of the most popular New Year's resolutions people make is to get more organized, so we decided to focus on this topic over the next several weeks. During this time, we will be researching and sharing the tips we find for organizing the various areas of your Lennar home.
We decided to start in the closet, since many people donate, sell, or recycle unused clothing at the end of the year. Besides this, closets are fairly simple to organize, so it's a great place to begin building a feeling of accomplishment. We found this comprehensive article entitled Closet Organization Ideas … (4 comments)

organization: Organizing Your Home Office Desk - 12/10/09 01:32 AM
The winter months are a great time to stay inside your home and get things organized. One of the places where clutter tends to build up is in a home office. Your desk may wind up being the central resting place for bills, cards, letters, and various and sundry other items. We found an article with some great tips on how to de-clutter - and help you regain control of this important work space. Click here to access this article on desktop organization presented by Good Housekeeping.


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