workspace: Organizing Your Home Office Desk - 12/10/09 01:32 AM
The winter months are a great time to stay inside your home and get things organized. One of the places where clutter tends to build up is in a home office. Your desk may wind up being the central resting place for bills, cards, letters, and various and sundry other items. We found an article with some great tips on how to de-clutter - and help you regain control of this important work space. Click here to access this article on desktop organization presented by Good Housekeeping.


workspace: Find Your Own Space to “Create” - 10/20/09 05:35 AM
Everyone needs their own personal space - a designated place where you can let the creative juices flow, to get inspired, to work or just simply a place for relaxation.
Whether you are in need of a separate home office or desire an area for personal recreation such as writing, painting or designing, a well-planned workspace can help conjure up all sorts of ideas and inspiration that can lead to a better, more productive work environment.
Determine the ideal location in your home and what type of design you feel will evoke your individual style. There may be an unused room … (1 comments)

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