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I just came home from the BrookField Chamber After Hours Gathering and talking with some Real Estate Agents and other Mortgage Professionals I am happy to report that the market seems to be gaining some spped here the last few weeks heading into December.....Last year at this time I was very busy...
 What a great deal for first time home buyers! If you sell Real Estate in CT you should be letting your buyers know about these great programs. This will help boost sales in a slowing market, many buyers out there right now are First Time Home Buyers. 100% Financing and closing costs, what a grea...
Ingredients:1 cup Butter1 cup Brown sugar1/2 cup Sifted fruit sugar1 teaspoon Ground nutmeg1 teaspoon Ground cinnamon2 cups Vanilla ice cream, softenedRumBoiling waterDirections:In a small mixing bowl, beat together butter, both sugars and spices until well combined. Beat in the ice cream. Turn i...
Real estate: Babes in bear landMost Realtors haven't been in the business long enough to see anything but a boom market, and the current slump is new to all but a handful of industry veterans.I found this article very interesting and thought I would share it with everyone.http://money.cnn.com/200...
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said on Tuesday that the worst of the housing adjustment was over, and that he was preparing to publish an analysis of the "serious dispute" over the true effect of mortgage wealth on consumer spending.Reports on the sales of existing homes for Octob...
More and more I find people in the mortgage business work as a sales person and not a consultant. To me my job is to consult people and advise them of their best mortgage options. Those who are taking the sales approach seem to not to be concerned with their customers overall best mortgage option...
There was a post by John Klassen in regards to buying down the rate which explained the pros and con's of buying down an interest rate, his blog was talking about paying points to reduce the interest rate over the life of the loan.In this market many sellers are looking for an edge over the compe...
With the Real Estate Market Getting tighter and tighter lenders continue to look for ways to help those who are applying for a mortgage.Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has some great programs and just when I thought things were easy with limited docs needed on a clean deal with full doc pricing Wells F...
With winter holiday festivities approaching, your clients face rising utility bills from the use of holiday lights, kitchen appliances and constant cooking. Here are some tips to help them enjoy being home for the holidays while keeping energy costs to a minimum:Use LED holiday bulbs to decorate ...
First off, I want to wish everyone and their family a happy and safe holiday season.Black Friday is 2 days away and retailers are getting ready for the biggest sales day of the year. Are you joining in the madness @ 5am Friday?  My wife usually goes out @ 5am every year on black friday and she lo...

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