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BUY A HOUSE NOW OR WAIT?  - Will it cost you more to wait?No Downpayment? Let's talk about that.  You're paying for housing whether you rent or own.There is no getting around it, housing costs money. Whether you are putting money out each month for rent or for a mortgage, you are still putting it...
💲💲💲 Interest Rates Matter. When buying a house did you know that a lower interest rate may give you more buying power? Yes, with a lower rate comes a lower monthly payment which may help you qualify for your dream home rather than settling for what you think you qualify for!  👀👀👀 Even if you qua...
Is now a good time to refinance my mortgage?Florida Mortgage Refinance With interest rates at or near record lows, it is at least worth considering refinancing to make use of the current low rates.While rates are currently very low, Refinancing is not the best option for everyone, though now is a...

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