st augustine mortgages: One Extra Mortgage Payment a Year Can Add Up to Big Savings - 03/01/22 07:01 AM
When you bought your home, you (hopefully) qualified for a mortgage that you could afford and if you stay on top of it monthly, you’ll own your home free and clear in 30 years (or less, depending on your loan terms.) Making extra payments may not even have crossed your mind, but there are actually plenty of reasons why you might want to scrape together just a little bit more to throw at your mortgage each year.
Build Equity Faster
If you make the equivalent of just one extra mortgage payment a year, you will increase your ownership share in your house faster. … (3 comments)

st augustine mortgages: Saint Augustine Florida Mortgage Rates Are Still Low - 11/16/21 10:29 AM
Saint Augustine Florida Mortgage Rates Are Still Low
Now is a great time to refinance your home in St Augustine or anywhere in Florida
Mortgage Rates in St Augustine are still low but don't wait too long and miss out on great low mortgage rates.
The surge in home values and the low mortgage rates make for a great time to refinance your home.
Consolidate Debt
Lower Your Interest Rate and or Term
Pay Off High Interest Rate Debt
Cash Out
Remove PMI
Renovate Your Home / Remodel
Put in A Pool
Take Vacation!
Find out how a mortgage refinance could save you money.
Call 904-712-1500 or email:
Leo Namiot
Mortgage Lender
Equal Housing Lender
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st augustine mortgages: What is a Mortgage Contingency? - 11/11/21 06:04 PM

When you find the right home to buy, you make an offer, put down a deposit once your offer is accepted and you sign a sales contract. Then you move on to inspections and financing. Pretty straightforward. But what if something goes wrong during the closing process? What if you are not able to qualify for financing after all? What if you can’t sell your home before buying this new one? What if major repairs are uncovered in the inspections? Thankfully, all these issues can be covered by contingency clauses.
What is a Contingency?A contingency is a condition that must be met … (0 comments)

st augustine mortgages: St Augustine Mortgage Lender - 10/08/21 10:27 PM
St Augustine Mortgage Expert   Whether this is your first home, your next home, or you’re thinking about refinancing your mortgage, our St Augustine Mortgage team is ready to assist you through the mortgage process with a Simpler Home Loan.   We pride ourselves on excellent communication while consistently offering the great low mortgage rates and above all providing outstanding customer service. Our experienced team is ready to guide you every step of the way from application to closing!    For the Best Mortgage Lender in St. Augustine contact us today at 904-712-1500   Apply For A Simpler St Augustine Home Loan NOW online … (3 comments)

st augustine mortgages: Mortgage Rate Tracker - Get current mortgage rates daily - 10/03/21 08:52 AM
Mortgage Rate Tracker
Get current mortgage rates daily - Quick & Simple
Our industry leading Mortgage Rate Tracker Technology is the more sophisticated of it's kind. You can choose how you want to track mortgage rates: choose to get notified if - and only if - mortgage rates hit a certain target. Or choose to receive custom mortgage rate quotes everyday for as long as you'd like.  You decide! Avoid the spam. Track Mortgage Rates the way you want, simple and easy!
Sign up is Simple & Fast
Sign Up For Mortgage Rate Tracker
Try Mortgage Rate Tracker, You'll love it!
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st augustine mortgages: FLORIDA NO CLOSING COSTS FHA REFINANCE - 07/06/21 03:52 PM
With FHA Mortgages and every mortgage there are standard closing costs associated with obtaining a mortgage, these costs include; origination fees, title charges, government recording fees and transfer taxes among other fees.
With our no closing cost mortgage option - qualified borrowers can get a lender credit from the interest rate options available to cover all or most upfront closing costs.
Streamline refinance refers to the refinance of an existing FHA-insured mortgage requiring limited borrower credit documentation and underwriting. Streamline refinances are available under credit qualifying and non-credit … (0 comments)

st augustine mortgages: First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Options - Florida - 07/19/19 08:18 AM
First time Florida home loan programs are for homebuyers seeking a home as primary residence. First time Florida loan applicants with not much money for a down payment will find that the FHA government insured or VA guaranteed Florida home loans are easier and less expensive for many first time Florida homebuyers. One program that is often overlooked and well worth looking into is the USDA home loan program.
Florida Down Payment Assistance Grants are another great option for Florida First Time Home Buyers but they come with many more hurtles … (0 comments)

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