signing service: Why notary signing agents get burned: Part II - 01/08/09 12:26 PM
In the topic: Why notary signing agents get burned, I wrote about signing service contracts, and the need to read them carefully. 
Not only should notary signing agents read the contracts, they also need to read the instructions that come with the closing assignment.  Failure to read and understand the instructions is another reason why signing agents get burned. 
For example, these instructions tell the signing agent to get a copy of the borrowers ID:

I was reading on one of the message boards about a signing agent who did not get paid a full fee for a … (1 comments)

signing service: In defense of signing services - 01/08/09 02:27 AM
I got a call yesterday to do a Reverse Mortgage closing.  The closing is scheduled for next Monday at 10 a.m.  I checked my calendar and saw that I had that time slot open.  I have another closing scheduled for 12:15, but I believe I can fit the reverse mortgage closing in.  I told the caller that I could do it.  We agreed on a fee.  I was sent a confirmation.

After the closing I will provide the company with a status report, then drop off the loan documents to be delivered.  In a few weeks I will receive a … (0 comments)

signing service: Partnership opportunity: thanks, but no thanks - 01/07/09 03:34 AM
I received a letter from a signing service I recently did a closing for.  It offered an opportunity to earn more money.
I'm always interested in earning more money.  Tell me more.
It works like this.  If there is a title company that I work directly with, I give that signing service their name and contact information.  If the signing service is successful in working out a deal with the title company, and the title company has a need for a signing agent outside of my area, the title company will contact the signing service to locate a signing agent for … (0 comments)

signing service: New year's resolution: take more risks - 01/03/09 10:47 PM
In a previous post (Signing services that 'get it') I wrote about signing services, and the bad reputation that a lot of them have.  But when you read the comments that notary signing agents write about them, you have to really decide for yourself if the comments are justified.  For example, there was a negative post a while back on one of the message boards about a particular company.  I have had only positive experiences whenever I worked with that company.  So you have to wonder if it was something that the signing agent did that caused them to have the … (0 comments)

signing service: Why notary signing agents get burned - 12/29/08 02:28 AM
Jack had just completed his training to become a notary signing agent.  He was anxious to get started doing loan signings, so he signed up with dozens of signing services -- as many as he could find.  He didn't care who they were, or what their policies were.  He just wanted to do loan signings.
It wasn't long before Jack finally received a call to do a closing.  It was his first closing assignment, and he was very excited.  He did the closing and dropped off the loan documents. He did all of the administrative things that were required from the company. 

signing service: Signing services that 'get it' - 12/18/08 09:21 PM
Signing services have a bad reputation.  Just the mention of the name 'signing service' and many notary signing agents think of greed, slow pay, hand-holding, disorganization, ... and a lot of other negative things.
I said that signing services have a bad reputation.  But I didn't say that signing services are bad.
There are many good signing services out there.  Just last night I did a closing for a signing service.  Not only that, but I did it for less than what I normally charge.  Why?  Because it was one of the good signing services -- one of the ones that … (6 comments)