google: A Shared Google+ Circle for Arizona Businesses and Realtors - 01/26/12 03:07 PM
We have put together a shared Google+ circle specific to Arizona businesses, realtors, profiles, and pages. Visit our post on Google+ to circle the members, and feel free to drop us a link if you'd like to add a link for your own Arizona Real Estate practice or Google+ profile to the circle.
Covering all of Arizona, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Tucson and all other areas.
CLICK HERE to view the shared circle post on Google+:
Andre MorrisSocial Network Arizona 

google: Case Study: Show Me the Money! Contest - 01/22/12 04:03 PM
seenBEST Web Design is currently running a Show Me the Money! contest.
The Goal: Increase social metrics (+1, Page Likes), social connections, and backlinks for on-page SEO.
The Offering: Something appealing to just about everyone ($100 in cash) to encourage participation.
Best Case Scenario: The sharing goes viral and results in viral growth due to participation/sharing.
Starting Monday we will begin the process of driving targeted traffic to the page.
Making it Work for You:
When done correctly, contests that use social media for distribution are a great way to increase visibility for your … (0 comments)

google: Google+ for brands, an experience that Facebook cannot possibly duplicate - 11/17/11 05:34 PM
Did someone tell you that Google+ was just a fad, not worth your investment, destined for failure? Maybe it's time to start getting your internet marketing advice elsewhere.
Google has leveraged the entirety of their infrastructure to bring about a seamless internet marketing strategy for businesses that Facebook cannot possibly compete against. Google+ has smoothly integrated the social experience throughout the entire internet by combining:
Social +1s (or 'likes') on website pages Social +1s on PPC ads Social +1s on website search results and Social +1s on branded Google+ business pages Unlike Facebook, all of this social data is tied together … (4 comments)

google: Get a Google+ Account - Step by Step Video - 10/05/11 06:05 AM
Have you heard about Google+, the hot new social networking platform from Google? Are you interested in trying it out but aren't quite sure where to start?
The Social Network Princess with seenBEST Web Design has created a video that will help you get a new Google+ account. Google+ is free for anyone to join and this video explains step-by-step how to create your own account and get started today.
Watch the video here:
Once you've created your new account, be sure to RSVP for the Social Network Arizona October seminar. We teach elite social networking strategies for your Phoenix … (0 comments)

google: Google+ Step by Step - A Beginners Guide - 07/13/11 08:30 AM
Hey everyone,
We have a lot of clients asking us some basic questions concerning Google+ such as how do I log in, how do I use it. Some clients have found themselves confused with how to use Google+ and get started.
We have put together a video tutorial that walks a new user through the Google+ startup process step by step. If you have anyone that's not currently using Google+ because they don't understand it, feel free to send the video along. It could help them get rolling.
Video on YouTube:
Please let us know if you have any questions … (1 comments)

google: First Page on Google | A Beginners Guide to SEO for Google Search - 06/15/11 04:50 AM
Hey everyone.
I've recently written a guide that explains the metrics behind Google page rankings, providing some analysis as to why certain pages rank higher than others in Google. I've also discussed the several different ways you can ethically begin to work towards raising the rankings of your own websites. The ultimate goal, of course, is to get your site to the first page on Google.
I know that most of you have a firm grasp on SEO and what it entails. This guide is for those of you who may be dabbling in SEO but still have questions. It could … (6 comments)

google: Google, The Eye in the Sky - 10/09/08 05:16 AM
This article brings to mind mind the chorus from an old Alan Parsons Project song: "I am the eye in the sky, looking at you". A new super high resolution satellite available to Google truly makes Google the eye in the sky. The GeoEye-1 is the world's highest-resolution commercial satellite. Using technology previously only available to spy agencies like the CIA, the article states that the satellite can zoom in with enough resolution to capture the detail of a baseball diamond. While this brings a number of practical improvements to existing technologies such as Real Estate mapping, it also raises some … (4 comments)

google: Here comes Google Android - 09/29/08 04:05 AM
Google's mobile phone platform Android is now official on the T-Mobile G1 phone. From all that I've read thus far, this particular phone isn't all that great. It may be worth it to wait and see what other devices appear on the market with Android to compare features before running out and buying one of them. More info here. … (0 comments)

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