south florida real estate: Miami Real Estate - The L Steps: 6 Steps of Investing - 11/11/08 02:41 PM
Real estate investing in Miami real estate is now becoming popular again as there are many properties in foreclosure, short sale, bank reo's, and government foreclosures. With such an overwhelming inventory of homes available for sale a real estate investor must be able to determine which one to purchase. Investors must follow six steps in order to learn, understand and achieve Miami real estate investment success.
These are the six L steps to Miami real estate investing:
1. Location - Location, location, location is still the key of buying Miami real estate. Buying Miami real estate just because the price … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: Miami Real Estate - Section 8 Process - 10/16/08 03:50 PM
The Miami real estate rental market is booming. Finding a qualified tenant that will maintain the property in good condition and pay the rent on time is a challenge. Miami-Dade County Housing Authority - Section 8 is an excellent way of finding tenants with most of the rent guaranteed by the US government and timely inspections done yearly. The benefits of renting to Section 8 tenants far outweigh the detriments. The landlord must follow all the procedures, rules and guidelines of the Section 8 process in order to comply with all the requirements.
The Section 8 rental process is as follows:

south florida real estate: Miami Real Estate - Buying HUD Homes - 09/29/08 03:08 PM
 HUD homes are FHA insured mortgage loans that go into foreclosure. HUD sells these foreclosures in a weekly auction using HUD registered real estate agents. HUD offers huge incentives to sell all HUD homes in their inventory. There is now a program for owner occupants that the down payment is only $100 dollars with some restrictions as per HUD guidelines. There are many other programs available for homeowners and investors. Police officers, teachers, and firefighters get the property at 50% discount in specific Miami real estate areas. Steps for buying a HUD homes in Miami, Florida
Step 1. Finding a real estate … (2 comments)

south florida real estate: Miami real estate - Buying Pre-Foreclosures - 09/26/08 05:11 PM
A pre-foreclosure is when the owners are not making their mortgage payments and get a notice of default from the bank. They have a very limited amount of time to try selling the house or get caught up in their payments before the bank forecloses on the property. Every investor dream is buying a pre-foreclosed home in Miami and then selling it for a huge profit.  The dream also includes that the property requires little or no work and that you use little or none of your own money.
The dream has become a nightmare for thousands of investors who were … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: Miami Real Estate - Investing - 08/13/08 11:40 AM
 Miami real estate investing is not very hard to learn, even though that there are many facets that are essential to learn before attempting to start investing. While many books and seminars are offered on investing only a few deliver the desired results.  Investing is not taught in any university and it is more of an art than an exact science.  It requires a lot of perseverance and determination. Many investors learn by trial and error although a mistake could be very expensive and usually devastating. Numerous millionaires made their money through real estate investments. Information, education and research are major … (3 comments)

south florida real estate: South Florida Real Estate – Florida’s Finest - 03/18/08 05:58 AM
  Situated in the southeastern part of the United States, South Florida has the popular name of Miami- Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach metropolitan area and is also referred to as the Miami Metro area and even the Tri-County area. The last of the names is most justified as South Florida includes the three counties of Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward. When considering the different counties of Florida, these three can be held as the most populous. Among the three counties, Palm Beach was the smallest to be added. Miami happens to be the largest city in this region. A recent census estimates … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: Palm Beach County Real Estate – The Best Of Everything - 03/18/08 05:54 AM
 Located towards south in the state of Florida, this is one of the most popular and affluent county in this southern state of America. In fact Palm Beach County happens to be one of three separate counties which constitute South Florida. Created back in 1909, this county is third most populated county in whole of Florida, besides being ranked second in Florida in terms of how old this county is. Palm Beach County has West Palm Beach as its county seat as well as its most populated city. If unincorporated population is to be calculated then this county has a population … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: South Miami Real Estate - City Of Pleasant Living - 02/24/08 02:43 PM
  If one has to give an example of a city which started from scratch and then went on to assume importance in many fields; then South Miami will be the most appropriate. In its larval stages this site was just a privately owned piece of land. W.A Larkins was owner and it was largely due to his efforts that it slowly developed into the bustling city that it is today. That this city was very insignificant during times of its inception can be judged from the fact that it has taken its name from its more illustrious neighbor; Miami. This small … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: Pinecrest Real Estate - Upscale Village - 02/24/08 02:33 PM
  Pinecrest forms one of quieter and tranquil corners in the state of Florida. Besides it can be considered as one of the newest entrants in list of cities in America as it was incorporated a decade back in 1996. In fact the quiet nature of this area has led to its seal bearing "village" as part of name of this place. And the fact that this place is governed by a Village Council comprising of five members and all matters of this place are by this group of members who constitute a government fashioned after form of Council Manager.
As such, … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: Coconut Grove Real Estate - Cocowalk Caribbean Style - 01/14/08 12:19 PM
 Coconut Grove is located in the state of Florida and it has distinction of having the first hotel in South Florida built in it. At the time of its being built that is in 1882 it was referred to as Bay View Inn. Later its name got changed to Peacock Inn. City of Coconut Grove, which is also referred to as Cocoanut Grove, is located in the city of Miami in Miami Dade County. Lying towards west of Biscayne Bay, whole of this city comes under single zip code of 33133. Average home price is from $600,000 to $1,700,000.
This city has … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: Key Biscayne Real Estate - Beach And Tennis Paradise - 01/14/08 12:12 PM
 Key Biscayne does not form a part of mainland America. It is an island off the coast of Florida. Its only connection with mainland is via Rickenbacker Causeway which was built way back in 1947. Composition of Key Biscayne itself is very interesting. It does not form a part of Florida Keys. Instead it is formed of soil which has got eroded from Appalachian Mountains. It has thus formed a barrier island nearby. But when one refers to Key Biscayne, one is usually not referring to whole of the island but to village of Key Biscayne.
Before completion of Rickenbacker Causeway, … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: Hollywood Real Estate - Diamond of the Gold Coast - 12/23/07 04:25 AM
Hollywood, Florida might share its name with the famous Hollywood, California, but it is no way less illustrious than its well known cousin. Tucked away in the Southern tip of Florida, the city of Hollywood is on of the top ten largest cities in the state of Florida. This city is spread over an area of about eighty square kilometers and is home to approximately one hundred and fifty thousand residents. This city, also known as the Diamond of the Gold Coast, has over ten kilometers of pristine Atlantic beaches. Various fresh water bodies cover about ten square kilometers of inland … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: Pembroke Pines Real Estate - Rapid Growth - 12/23/07 04:17 AM
  Located in the Southern Broward County 15 miles from downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale is the city of Pembroke Pines. Geographically, the city is located at 26°0′46″N, 80°18′49″W and is bound by Hollywood to the north and east, Miramar to the south and Everglades to the west. The city has an area of about 35 miles square and is considered to be among the largest cities in Broward County. In terms of land area, it is the largest city.  
The place first came into notice in 1960 when it was incorporated. It is situated along the Pembroke Road which is lined … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: Doral Real Estate - Little Venezuela - 12/07/07 10:53 AM
 The city of Doral is located in the north central part of Miami-Dade County in Florida and lies to the west of the Miami International Airport. It is a new city and was incorporated recently in 2003 along with Miami Gardens. Doral was a formerly census designated place. An area not invested with a municipal Government but having a separate physical entity is a census designated place. The city of Doral got its name from the famous golf and spa resort of the same name located within the municipal boundaries of the area. The spa resort in turn got its name … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: Kendall Real Estate - Most Popular In Miami - 12/07/07 10:50 AM
 Kendall is a suburban area situated in the Miami Dade County of Florida and is politically unincorporated. It has been distinguished as a census designated place by the United States Census Bureau. As is common to all census designated places or CDPs, Kendall also lacks a separate municipal Government but is apparently nothing dissimilar to incorporated places. This particular community was named after an executive of the British Land Company by the name of Major Kendall. Its location is at 25°40′0″N, 80°21′24″W and it has an approximate area of around 16 mi sq.
This CDP had a population of more than … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: Miami-Dade County Real Estate: Florida's Largest - 11/17/07 10:43 AM
Known to be the most populous county in Florida, Miami-Dade County was formerly called Dade County and is now referred to as only Miami by most. It is located in the southeastern part of Florida and has a population of more than 2,400,000 making it occupy more than half of the South Florida metropolitan area. The city of Miami is its county seat. The eastern portion of the county is greatly urbanized with several towering structures and the eastern part is still underdeveloped and consists of the Everglades National Park. Miami-Dade County was created on January 18, 1836 and was named … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: Broward County Real Estate: Florida's Best - 11/17/07 10:40 AM
 Located in the state of Florida, Broward County is the second largest county in the state in terms of population. According to the most recent estimate the area had a population of more than 1,785,000 people. Fort Lauderdale is the county seat of Broward County. This area is one of the constituents of the South Florida Metropolitan Area. This county has an area of about 1,300 miles sq. and two-thirds of its area lies in the undeveloped Everglades conservation region.
The history of the county goes back to the year 1915, when it was created. Two counties, Palm Beach County and Dade … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: Homestead Real Estate: The Redlands - 10/20/07 01:26 PM
Located in between Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park, Homestead is a city in Miami-Dade County in Florida. It lays to the north of Florida City and along with the latter form the greater Homestead-Florida City area. The city's name has an interesting history and is derived from a path by the name of "Homesteader's Trail", that was the only means to reach the place. It is a small sized city with a comparatively large population of 54,000 people. This is the last city south before reaching the Florida Keys. The Redlands are Homestead's premiere home development where in some … (1 comments)

south florida real estate: Hialeah Real Estate: The City of Progress - 10/20/07 10:58 AM
Hialeah is the fifth largest city in Florida and is part of Miami-Dade County. It is part of the Miami metropolitan area and also the Greater South Florida metropolitan area. Supposedly the name "Hialeah" has been derived from Muskogee origin. The name's literal meaning is "pretty prairie". The derivation of the name can also be attributed to Seminole origin in which its meaning is "upland prairie". Both the names seem to be justified since the city is set on a large prairie that stands between Biscayne Bay and the Everglades.
The city was incorporated in 1925 and history of the place … (0 comments)

south florida real estate: Bal Harbour Real Estate: Florida's Paradise - 10/12/07 08:18 AM
Bal Harbour is Florida's Paradise. Bal Harbour Shops high-end upscale retailers include Saks Fifth Avenue, Armani, Versace, Valentino and Neiman Marcus among others. Exceptional dining spots are Palm and Caffe Da Vinci. Bal Harbour Real Estate is one the most prestigious, upscale, and spectacular addresses in all of South Florida. Luxurious oceanfront and Intracoastal Waterway views condos like Bellini Condo and Majestic Tower. An extraordinary single family home community is Northern Star. Hotel Resorts has been visited by many US presidents including President Clinton and other dignitaries and celebrities.
Before this city became the eventful village that we know it as today, … (0 comments)

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