hawaii homes for sale: The Case of The Dirty Deed -- Mystery Solved! - 09/29/10 08:00 AM

"The Case of the Dirty Deed"
with Real Estate Investigator Forrest Arnold (RB) ---
Case solved!
see the video:
(This fictional "investigator" helps clients navigate the mysteries of real estate transactions here in Hawaii... Enjoy!)

hawaii homes for sale: Am We Begging Or Building Healthy Client Relationships? - 09/26/10 08:23 AM

During the listing discussions with a friend-becoming-a-client, the tone of the conversation had suddenly shifted from "Hey, help me sell my property!" to "I'm the Seller---you listen to me, I don't listen to you..."
As my frustration grew, I finally burst out with "Listen, Mike, I'm your friend and I'm a professional---but I am not your 'boy' --- so let's start over."
Everything shifted---we sold his home for the highest price ever in the neighborhood & he bought the 27-acre Hawaii dream property.  Looking back now, we laugh about the "boy" thing....but I found that speaking my truth changed everything.

hawaii homes for sale: Bridge Between Two Worlds---Hawaii & Everywhere Else - 09/25/10 06:46 AM

This is only a slightly re-touched photo of our daily life here on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Is "paradise" a dream worth having?  
Do you and your clients deserve to live somewhere that shows the spirit of Aloha shown in this photo?
As relocation specialists, we help people find the right fit -- the right home in the right community 
Forrest --Hawaii's Green Realtor     Check us out: Hawaii Real Estate Update. com

hawaii homes for sale: I Lost A Sale–--But Saved A Client - 09/25/10 06:25 AM
Hey --- Here's part 2 of the home auction drama--- As I watched the on-line "auction action" with 7 minutes until bid-closing, my clients Peggy & Leo were right in there slugging with a bid of $430,000. Just to be safe, I gave Peggy a call in those last few moments to be sure she knew about the 10% "buyer's premium" that the auction house adds to the winning bid---- So if her $430,000 bid was the winner, she'd be on the hook for $430k + $43k = $473,000. Peggy said, "What?!? I never saw that on the auction site." Sure … (5 comments)

hawaii homes for sale: Big Island of Hawaii---"It's your turn to walk the pig..." - 09/23/10 06:24 AM

"Honey, it's your turn to walk the pig."  
When I moved to Hawaii's Big Island 24 years ago, I longed for a life in the tropics---but didn't really know what to expect. The culture shock of coming from the California aerospace business to living in small-town had so many dimensions. And for me, it has been a real adventure.
But this ain't the mainland...
As I work with people who have a Hawaii dream, my role as an EcoBroker is to help them match their personal livestyle goals with the realities of the unique Hawaii culture. But also to … (4 comments)

hawaii homes for sale: Kona coffee ice cream & the Hawaii dream---What about walk-ins? - 09/22/10 01:57 PM

Right outside my office window, another group of visitors to the island have their ice cream cones and talk about the flyers in our window. From time to time, they'll come into ask "How's the market in Hawaii?" 
What about walk-ins?  Some are real buyers inspired by the authentic beauty and feel of Hawaii's Big Island ...and many are just on vacation eating ice cream---and that's okay.
My job is to give a friendly and authentic greeting to each & continue to build my circle of contacts in lots of ways---and when I offer aloha to everyone, I get the … (0 comments)

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