selling: Smells Can Turn Buyers Away at the Door - 06/20/18 06:02 AM
Debbie Reynolds  hits the nail on the head with this blog.
Clean Clean Clean, and  when in doubt, clean again...
A few shallow dishes of vinegar with a paper towel in it tucked away in a room ( AFTER cleaning , not in lieu of)
will absorb some of the toughest odors, like lingering fried foods.
A house with an odor will result in lower $$ offers.
Smells Can Offend a Buyer, Even Perceived Good Smells

When listing a property, listing agents want the seller to put the home into the best shape possible to attract the biggest pool of buyers. Agents have to be bold and … (2 comments)

selling: First Impressions count - 06/12/18 06:09 AM
When selling and preparing your home for sale, don't overlook the importance of your exteriors "first impression"
Curb appeal is more than just what it looks like from the street, ( mown grass, landscaping neat and tidy)
Here are 5 things to include in your curb appeal check list.
1. HOUSE NUMBER-  Is it visible from the road? Do the numbers need painted,replaced or updated?
                                       ( What about the # on the mailbox if applicable?)
2. DOOR(s)- Does the front door need a coat of paint? 
                      Is the hardware functional?  ( Door knockers- doorbell- knobs and                    deadbolts?              Do they match?)
                         *** Nothing spoils the moment … (3 comments)

selling: Open Houses, selling or buying? - 01/06/18 02:34 PM
Am often asked "do Open Houses really work? "
Well the answer is ,"Definitely, maybe!"
However , they dont just magically occur, and a lot of work should be put into a successful Open House.
* What time works best? Are there any events that could interfere?
* Have you advertised enough? Handouts , invitations, search engines, social media, other Realtors?
* Did you invite the neighbors? Maybe a preshowing ( an hour earlier) Ask them if they want to pick their neighbor.. who do they know?
*Signage,signage ,signage.
* When you are hosting , do you know your sold comps?
* Are  you ready to spout off the … (2 comments)

selling: Seminole County Stats - 06/24/16 05:44 AM
We are seeing prices climbing this past year..
Here are the median stats,,,...
Original price stats vs Sold price

selling: Call in the experts... - 03/31/16 12:05 AM
Recently received a call from my SOI for a consult on selling their home..
"Of course Id be happy to come over and talk with you...How is tomorrow at 11 or at 2?"
Scrambled to pull comps, researched their subdivision, and knew my DOM and sold  I go.
Pull up to a home with less than desirable curb appeal, in a moderately priced neighborhood, and walked into a fully renovated kitchen with high end everything.  In talking with the sellers to be, I mentioned that many upgrades aren't always value added, and they may not see a return on the $ that they may have expected.  While we … (1 comments)

selling: How hot ???? - 05/31/15 02:39 AM
Living in central  Florida year round, , we are used to HOT...
( I think we are closer to the sun than anywhere else most of the time...)
Our spring season is like our northern counterparts summer, not only temperatres, but the real estate market too..
Since we dont have to winterize homes here, we only exprience a slower selling season in December and January... Then everything starts warming up..and this year it was like turbo speed..
Yep, I'd say we are HOT....... If you were thinking of selling, now is a great time to do so !

selling: 4 Basic Tips for Real Estate Pics - 07/29/14 02:42 AM
So you've got a listing and need to take some pics... Here are a few tips to keep in mind when snapping those photos!
1. LIGHT  AND BRIGHT.... People want to SEE the photos, Don't make it hard for them to figure out what is in the room! Remember they are previewing many homes , and only have a moment ot catch their eye !
2. REMOVE DISTRACTIONS...Showcase the the features that are staying in the home, not the contents , including pets. REMOVE Clutter and stage the room.. It is OK to Pack it in boxes and stack … (2 comments)

selling: I'm So Glad This Home Was NOT Staged Prior To Listing - Now I Own It! - 07/28/14 03:24 AM

You always want to show off the home to the best it can be , if you want to get top dollar.
When you take the short cuts, you are probably going to end up taking a price reduction...
Here is a Great Blog about the power of staging!
Soooo true!
Most Saturday mornings this time of year my husband and I head out sailing.  He goes to the sailboat and I go to the yard sales.   I love finding bargains and treasures of any kind, but my primary goal is toys for the grandbabies.
This past Saturday I scored … (1 comments)

selling: What is Home Staging? Your Questions Answered [Lake Mary, Florida] - 06/27/14 06:48 AM

Sometimes the Realtor shouldn't be the person giving advice on staging.  Marie from Foxy Interiors does a great job explaining why her services are so important!
As a home stager in Lake Mary, Florida, I find it interesting to ask random people their interpretation of home staging.  The following are a few of the responses.  Decluttering, yea, decluttering; making the house all nice, neat and pretty for buyers to take a look.  Home staging is that stuff they do on HGTV before the realtor comes.  It’s tidying up, putting stuff away, and then putting a for sale sign in the yard.  … (1 comments)

selling: How to be the agent everyone likes to work with - 06/24/14 02:04 AM
Being kind and not nasty does not cost a dime,  and makes everyone feel better!
I know Id rather work TOGETHER  someone than work AGAINST them.
Am a firm believer in SMILE, before you say anything ...and try to do this even when I am typing or texting..
ALWAYS re read your messages before sending .. read OUT LOUD ... and ask yourself how it sounded...
Does you inflection come across correctly?
In the real estate business, we have the opportunity to work with all types of brokers and agents. Most of them are nice, but some are not … (2 comments)

selling: Can I Speak With The Listing Agent? - 04/25/14 08:43 AM

Let me preface that Im sure there are some that can do this, but know I am not one of them......
While I think Im a very "fair" person, I cannot imagine being able to juggle both sides of a Real Estate transaction and do the "BEST" for each side.. I only have ONE BEST, and the next best is just that,, a little less than best..
As a listing agent, I hope to give my Seller my BEST, so why does a buyer not want the same thing..???
As a professional Realtor® in Frisco Texas, I, like many others, … (3 comments)