selling tips: We're on the same team,,, - 06/20/16 08:10 AM
Thinking about selling your home?
Every seller wants the exact  same thing: to sell their house for the MOST money possible. Some sellers not only want to sell for the most money, but also as QUICKLY as possible
This is exactly what we, ( real estate agent ) want also!
That being said, there are two things we need to address:  Condition and Price.
Both of these things are controlled  by YOU the seller !
Your REALTOR will market to find the buyer and handle the negotiation and paperwork once one is found....
Selling quickly can be challenging, in any market...Finding the 1 buyer who sees your house as … (1 comments)

selling tips: Make your home SMILE ! - 06/19/16 12:17 AM
Smiling is contagious!
Great tips to make your home smile too!
What is the best thing to do in order to sell a home? What would you do?
Make it "SMILE"!

A baby's smile is inviting, your home should be also

You heard right! Same as a cute baby, or in an interview. Smile, sparkle, make the interviewer like you. Same thing with your home, to attract a buyer....make it smile!

Make your house SMILE and inviting so the buyer says....."I remember that one"
Some of the things are so simple:
1. Work on Street Appearance- First impressions are very important!
2. Clean
3. Remove clutter
4. Plants, porch chairs, … (0 comments)

selling tips: Declutter what ? - 05/31/14 01:34 AM
One of the most common suggestions Realtors give Home sellers is to "declutter/depersonalize".
Some of the more common phrases used are:   "It will make the room look larger, " "Buyers want to envision their families there, not yours"    "With all the knick knacks and collectibles, it appears you dont have enough storage"
This is a not always true..
While lots of  Living space clutter is sometimes difficult to see past, its seldom a reason the home doesnt sell... more buyers are turned off by closets /cabinets and overstuffed garages..
When a Seller needs to declutter/depersonalize,  suggest they first  pack up unused items from ALL the closets, … (2 comments)