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Garfield Farm Museum is a located in LaFox, IL, about 4 miles west of Geneva, IL and 40 miles west of Chicago. On May 23 the Farm hosted the Rare Breeds Show. Breeders from around the Midwest displayed rare and historic farm animals including horses, donkeys, goats, and poultry. We saw an America...
  Dean Moss from Keller Williams has written a great post about the declining market conditions for Chicago condo sales. Some buildings have literally become ineligible for financing. The increasingly infamous "22.1 disclosure" is designed to protect condo buyers from surprises after the sale -- ...
  Virtually everyone I know uses Google in their business, community services or personal lives. The depth and reach of thier database has spawned an incredible range of applications for using the data and search functions. What is Googgle Piknik, or the Google Wonder Wheel? I use them both for m...
OK, this sounds perjorative and condescending and other negative multi-syllable words. But honestly, how can anyone get anything done if so-called professionals don't adequately represent their clients? Hopefully more realtors and loan officers are busy in this difficult market. I am amazed, howe...
As a personal and business user of FB it is a relief to see a public comment from Mark Zuckerberg on the very real privacy concerns about FB data being available for commercial data mining ....but I have mixed feelings after thinking about his comments. The May 24 post by Pete Cashmore in Mashabl...
Homes in Geneva, IL and Homes in St. Charles, IL  are showing sales activity consistent with industry analyst predictions: fewer transactions at lower prices. Careful analysis of the numbers, as well as anecdotal evidence from field sales, shows additional trends that are not revealed here and w...
Garfield Farm Museum in St. Charles, IL will hold its 24th Annual Rare Breeds Livestock & Poultry Show on Sunday May 23 from 11am - 4pm.  This historic facility is located on Route 38 just a couple of miles west of Randall Road. My daughter, Jenny, and I went out to Garfield Farm Museum on Satur...
  Alan May has a great list that all home buyers and sellers should print out and keep in their wallets or tape to their refrigerators. It is so hard to work (and work, and work) with a buyer client to find a great deal or the perfect neighborhood, only to find the home isn't suitable for financi...
Wayne, IL is a small community that straddles the DuPage-Kane border. Located just east of St. Charles, the Village of Wayne, IL is a residential community with a population of about 4,000 residents in about 1,100 households. Local residents will sometimes laughingly refer to Wayne as "Waaaaaayyy...
Royal Fox in St. Charles, IL is a lovely subdivision on the east side of St. Charles about 35 miles west of Chicago. Royal Fox offers has several distinct yet equally lovely communities. Town homes and Court homes range from $300,000 to $450,000. The single family homes are arranged around the c...

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