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How would you like to have 125,000 acres as your big back yard? (with no yard work to do!) From here, you're literally two minutes by horseback from the Cumberland Trailhead into Big South Fork National Park ...measured in yards, not miles.  This is a major trailhead; start out in one direction o...
One of the things I like about living out here by the Big South Fork in Jamestown, Tennessee is the little family businesses you find, off the beaten track, tucked away here and there. Jeff's Glass is one of those. Last year, I bought a wooden crate at The World's Longest Yard Sale. It's a lettuc...
Best Friends Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping animals in Jamestown, Tennessee and surrounding Fentress County, an area that has no shelter or county-run "dog pound." Most of the animals have been abandoned in rural areas and there is a tremendous need for this service. B...
How many times have I driven past this old barn and not even seen it? The light conditions must have been just right last week, late in the afternoon on a rainy-ish day. It had been fairly warm but the thermometer suddenly plunged, with fog forming due to the difference in the temperature of the...
We at Tennessee Recreational Properties planned to "launch" our new webpage on March 1st, to coincide with a full-page ad in The Trail Rider magazine, due out at about that time. We've had several long "brainstorming" sessions and we know two things....what we want and what we don't want! We've s...
The Big South Fork National Park here in Jamestown, Tennessee has become increasingly popular as a destination for trail riders from all over the eastern half of the country…with good reason! Depending on where you come from, though, you may not know about "going through the gorge" to get here! B...
  Winters are mild in Tennessee...they are, really! Except for THIS winter! These pictures were taken yesterday, on Saturday, February 13th, an hour apart. The ground is saturated and water seeps through these rocks at Pickett State Park, forming fabulous icicles as the temperature hovers in the ...
HANG UP YOUR HAT; you don't need to do another thing! This comfortable log cabin is right on the trail in the desirable Spruce Creek equestrian community. You don't even know it's there because you can't see it from the road, and you don't even notice it from the trail. It's on a quiet cul-de-sac...
Here in Jamestown, Tennessee, realtors' ads (mine included) say, "mild winters, low property tax, low cost of living…." It's TRUE, all of it! This is a very rural county so there aren't a lot of places to spend money and your dollar goes a long way. It's horse country so how about this: you don't...
Winters are generally mild in Tennessee, and short, so I thought that cold snap"blanketed" the country a few weeks ago was essentially the depths of our winter. When I lived in Vermont, my horses were blanketed five or six months of the year. In the bad old days, turnout rugs were m...

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