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This is my individual blog, as separate from our office one. I plan to use this for more personal posts.
                         There the sweeties are!I planted 4 heirloom varieties (Arkansas Traveler, Old German, White Brandywine, and Cherokee Purple) and one hybrid called First Light. I'm also going to purchase a couple of early-producing plants locally so we have some early tomatoes while we wa...
I'm not a morning person, at the best of times. And Monday mornings are worse. Most Mondays we do a lot of what my husband calls "putting out fires". You know, just dealing with the (usually) little problems that have come up over the weekend. So most Monday mornings I try to just slide into my d...
You probably have heard the commercial running on TV now where two guys are eating fast food- 1st guy: "I woke up this morning with some serious hunger pains."2nd guy: "Pains? You mean pangs?"1st guy: "Pangs? That's weird."2nd guy: "No, that's English." Point being- if you speak English, you real...
I grew up in Yuma, AZ. If you don't know where Yuma is, it's 20 miles from Mexico, and right on the California border. Think HOT, and DRY! If it rained 2 or 3 times a year we were lucky. I always hated the climate (even though "snow bird"  Winter visitors come from Canada and Northern US states t...

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