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How it happened - In the early 2000's everyone was making money, spending money and buying houses. Life was good. It was common to see houses involved in bidding wars with escalation clauses exceeding 10 - 20 percent of the list price. Think about that…. houses selling for more than you ask for i...
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl...... For those of you that know me I apologize for being absent for so long. As the mortgage industry changed the last few years I found myself pulling away from originating loans. I grew a horrible distaste in my mouth from the whole damn mortg...
 Are the crooks still in charge? I just came across this post and just can't believe what I have read...     "The nonprofit Homeownership Preservation Foundation, the official body charged with resolving disputes over HAMP modifications, was founded by ResCap and to this day is run by GMAC and o...
MARKET SEGMENTATION is customer driven claims NICK COUTTS . - Let me explain.... Sometimes the most elementary concepts are simply not recognized. I have been guilty of overlooking the obvious many times. But through countless books, seminars, webinars, lectures, classes, chats, blogs and comment...
TARP is NOT working - of the 46.6 billion dollars allocated to the HAMP program, only .6 billion dollars has been spent.  That's only 1.3% of the total allocated. TARP Has Failed Homeowners - Don't believe me? Read the 338 page report  Since TARP was authorized in October 2008, more than 7 millio...
12/02/2010 - the online property valuation website has just launched a Free Online Endorsement System - In the tradition of marketplace website ratings systems similar to and, agents will be rated by their clients, not reviewed by someone who may be partial to others. The inte...
The early days....  I have been a member of Active Rain since January 29, 2007. Sure seemed to be a bit different back then huh? Nobody was concerned with points or status. It was a small handful of professionals with passion and energy, doing what they love to do and talking about it the whole w...
Check out this video from highly regarded 203k consultant Gary Smith who calls Mississippi home.  Gary has also started a great web page where consumers can learn all they need to know before entering into this very misunderstood loan. Maryland 203K Loans - Baltimore 203K Loans ...
HUD's 203K REHAB LOANS - an Fha productFHA 203K loans offers consumers the ability to purchase and renovate a house with just one settlement. This simplifies the traditional construction process, which many times involves two loan closings, high fees and balloon loan payments hat can be called at...
Are you looking to purchase a home? If you want to get the most bang for your buck with the glut of fixer uppers on the market, I suggest you understand the 203K loan.  The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) administers various single family mortgage insurance programs, including a few that pro...

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