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Whatever happened to Baseball? In these days of stress and uncertainty it is always a pleasure when you have the opportunity to take your mind off the craziness for a bit. There is a new book out that will bring back memories of your childhood and have you grining from ear to ear. If you played y...
I think it is inevitable. How rates have been maintaining the level they have been hovering at the past few weeks I have no clue. I guess the mortgage backed securities market is just in a wait and see mode. Fannie and Freddie today reported large profits on recent loans. But it is coming. A rate...
   If you haven't heard yet, Carteret Mortgage announced they are closing their doors. Of all the net branch organizations, this was the one I respected the most. Trust me - I was a net branch for four years. The founder of the company said they simply ran out of money. I believe the net branch m...
     I am now eligible for a new phone from AT & T. Man, I think I have been with them ( Cingular, Cell One etc..) since the time I had a bag phone. I am a cell phone junkie. My wife and three kids all have phones on my plan so I become eligible for an upgrade quite often and take them up on it q...
  The calls are now coming in the office with greater frequency. "Mr. Mortgage guy, I am in an Option Arm and now I owe more than my house is worth". The helplessness in the voices on the phone I hear are sickening. This is a part of the mortgage crisis that wasn't going to happen. You see, thes...
The financial markets remain in turmoil. Lehman, Merrill, Wachovia chatter regarding solvency for these giants is a strong as ever. National City appears to be on life support. Fannie and Freddie values have plunged and have a lifeline connected to the Federal Reserve. Investors have changed the...
High Quality credit advice from an Active Rain legend..... To say your credit history & score is HUGE these days may be a borderline understatement.  For purposes of my experience, I'll concentrate on how credit relates to getting a mortgage to buy a home or trying to refinance the one you curren...
  High Quality information regarding new FHA mortgages and loan limits from an FHA expert - Jeff Belonger   As many of you are aware, the mortgage industry has been going through some major changes in the last 6 months. Well, get ready for some more changes. In my honest opinion, many of the chan...
When Zillow hit the net with mortgage quotes I was all over it. Wow! A free source of leads where professional mortgage bankers can strut their goods and issue rate quotes based on market prices......   NOT - all I saw was quotes that could never be delivered upon by slimy mortgage people. They r...
Let me take you back to a day in the life of a mortgage broker. Back in the early 2000's, when conventional loans went to 100% and life as a mortgage broker was schweeeettttttt. You see, I am starting to believe this mortgage crisis is a product of a computer, an automated underwriting system tha...

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