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  A 30 second anatomy of an FHA loan –  What you NEED to understand…   FHA loans have two major advantages. #1 – they allow a purchase loan with only 3% of borrower’s funds in the deal. These funds may come from allowable sources such as mom and dad, employer, church.  They also allow up to 6% se...
It's back to the basics for me the past few months. I am out calling on agents again and I am lovin it. You see, times have changed. The very same agents who wouldn't give me the time of day in the past now inviting me to have a seat and chat. And that is just what I am doing. You see, I am findi...
  Media hype is killing the mortgage lending industry! I am approving loans every single day..... keep spreading the word. Banks ARE lending money....... Great post by Active Rain legend  Tom Burris           No, the sky isn't falling and the credit crunch didn't get worse....!! The problem is re...
 ..........   I'm having a nervous breakdown... drive me insane    ..........  ohhh sookie ----  Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da   DAA Da Da   Ok - so I stole a piece from the repertoire of what AR legend Jason Sardi adds to his blogs... a bit of musical transition if you will.....  now here goes -   ...
  What does all this government intervention and bank talk mean to me? Not quite sure yet. The Government is talking  as if banks were not approving loans. This is NOT the case. It is still unclear as to what will  be done to protect consumers who have fallen behind on their mortgages. It is stil...
The media ----   ----   you got to love them... they can give you more exposure than you can handle. They can also create so much negetive hype they can single handedly destroy an industry. Simply being in the mortgage industry is a fight of it's own, let alone the momentum   a media frenzy can d...
The first video week in review from Lewis Poretz of Open Mortgage. Look for more videos from Lewis and some other familiar faces on AR. We will be offering up a point of view from the mortgage market from those of us in the trenches, doing the thing we do for a living and eating and breathing th...
Just smile if you can hear me..... ..... listen up doom and gloomers ~~    The media hype is killing the mortgage lending business and it makes no sense why. All I hear on the TV channels is how tight credit has become and that banks are not willing to lend money. Well I got news for you.   I am...
  The week ahead .....   The stock market is opening up down big time yet again. Speculators are calling for the Fed to cut rates up to .75% Jitters in the stock market have started another rally in the treasuries, which usually means lower mortgage rates. The credit market seems to be in a deep ...

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