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  I have a question for everyone out there. This question is not just directed at consumers who own a house and are upside down, or people who are overextended on credit because that was what they had to do to survive, or anyone who's job has been terminated. Yeah - they need help. We all need h...
  Let’s say you’re the typical middle to upper middle class American. You have worked your butt off for years, always paid your bills on time and even have some equity left in the place you call home. The economy was great a few years back, you were making plenty of dough and you decided to buy a...
I have a client with a fixed rate of 4.375%. I have ½ point in the loan - which for all you non mortgage people reading this is a razor thin profit margin. His loan has been clear to close for over 2 weeks now. His rate lock has been extended two times already. I have no room to pay for it. My cl...

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