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I am mad as hell…..  Through all the years of taking loan applications I have heard many stories. It is not my business why people refinance but usually is to lower their monthly payment by consolidating debt. Regardless of why, I hear the stories during the loan application process. The story be...
  Want that coveted fixed rate in the 4’s? Oh yeah – it’s still here, never really went away. But toss in any cash out pricing adjustments and loan to value adjustments and mix in a subpar by today’s lending standard credit score and you may find a refinance is counterproductive. Not many months ...
Look at the program change Countrywide is rolling out. Typically others will follow. This will take refinancing options away from a big majority of consumers who are currently eligible but have yet to jump on the bandwagon.....       Effective 8:00 pm (PT), Thursday, March 5, 2009, the Conforming...
Below is a link to a post that after reading is downright frightening. It is a must read not just for all AR members but for everyone.    Are you aware of what is happening in the world at this moment? I have been an Active Rain member for a long time and many of you people even know me. Do not s...
  Let's get candid about a few things.....    Just how bad is it? President Obama went on TV the other day and told Americans to jump back in the stock market. It seems as if he is on TV just about every day lately. And like clockwork when Obama tells the country things will be ok the stock marke...

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