buying: Real Estate is A Lot Like Surgery - 04/19/09 02:02 AM
I was with my husband while he had surgery on his shoulder to repair a slap tear.  While he was in the Operating Room I was in the waiting room working.  I had several contracts that needed to have pest and whole house inspections scheduled.  I also needed to contact the title company to check times for a closing and a few banks/bankers to request copies of pre-approval letters.
As I was sitting with him in the recovery room he was telling me how surreal the whole experience had been.  As they were preparing him for his surgery, people kept coming … (1 comments)

buying: Lessons From A Pre-K Student - 03/20/09 04:09 AM
My 3 year old daughter (who is in Pre-K) is constantly pointing out when people don't have good manners.  Saying "please" and "thank you" is something they discuss and encourage at school.  I've noticed that many people forget these simple words when writing emails.
Email is great.  It is a lightening-fast way to communicate.  It is quick, easy and efficient.  But, it doesn't convey emotions very well - UNLESS YOU ARE SHOUTING!
I'm not saying that all correspondence via email needs to be sugar-coated, but please and thank you make messages sound so much better.
Let's take a look at two examples and … (1 comments)

buying: 5 Reasons Why Now Is A Great To Be A First Time Homebuyer - 03/15/09 01:35 AM

5 reasons why I think now is a great to be a first time homebuyer:
5.) Selection: There are a lot of homes currently on the market to choose from.  The large selection gives buyers a lot to look at and compare other homes with; which increases the chances of finding the right home for you.
4.) Low Interest Rates:  Need I say more?  Low interest rates can be great when it comes to your monthly payment. Rates are so low right now that you may even be able to afford a 20 or 15 year mortgage vs. a … (1 comments)

buying: The Importance of Being Pre-Approved - 02/18/09 01:35 AM
The news about the real estate market isn't exactly rosy these days. Buyers have job loss, a poor economy, and tightened lending practices to worry about. Sellers are stressed and want their homes to sell. While no one can controll all of these issues, one of the best things a buyer can do in today's market is get pre-approved.
Some agents claim that they will not show anyone property unless they are pre-approved. Getting pre-approved also gives you a clear idea of how much you can/want to spend. It does no good to look at $150,000 - $175,000 homes and like homes in … (1 comments)

buying: Are You Ready To Refinance? - 01/27/09 05:19 AM

With interest rates being so low we've had many past clients contact us and inquire about refinancing their current mortgage.  There are many different factors that come into play that will determine whether you can refinance or not; and while most of this is process is achieved with the assistance of a banker (and we strongly recommend that you seek assistance from a bank/banker that you feel most comfortable working with) there are a few things you can do to help yourself be better prepared.
1.)  Research interest rates.  Look online - many banks will post rates on their websites, … (1 comments)

buying: Reconnect with Your Realtor! - 01/21/09 03:00 AM

We've run into a situation twice this past week. It isn't the first time it's happened and I'm sure it won't be the last.  
Here's what happens....we get a call from an individual that wants to look at property. We ask, "are you currently or have you been working with a REALTOR?" caller says "no" and we proceed.  Soon after we discover that they have, in fact, been working with a Realtor.  When the question was asked "are you currently or have you been working with a Realtor" why didn't they answer "Yes"?
I believe this occurs for … (1 comments)

buying: Meet The Reid Team! - 01/19/09 02:43 PM
Welcome to our blog!  We thought we'd start out by introducing ourselves and letting you get to know who we are.
After graduating from the University of Illinois, Lori began her professional career at a law firm in Chicago. She then went on to teach in the Chicago and Springfield public school districts before founding a technology consultancy with her husband, Scott. She brings years of experience in the daily operations of running a small business and working with corporations and the public.  In 2008 she earned her Illinois Real Estate Broker license and in early 2009 earned her REALTOR e-PRO Certification.


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