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Have you ever been involved in selling a home where an offer was made and you refused to counter the buyers offer? Here is some advice for sellers to consider, especially in today’s economic environment. If a buyer has taken the time to put an offer on paper and submit it to your listing agent, I...
Interesting blog on the housing market by The Housing Guru. Politics aside, I think it does address the long term housing situation we are facing, even here in the beautifulLa Quinta CA housing market. While there are always exceptions, the majority of sales right now are price driven where sell...
Great summary of the La Quinta CA and Palm Springs area housing market. It will be a slow recovery. The prices have dropped over the past 3 years form 30% - 70%. The interest rates are the lowest in 40 years. Why is the market not recovering? 1. Labor market -We need job growth. 2. Household for...
I have been blogging lately about mixed signals, mis-information (whether intentional or not) particularly from national franchise brokerages trying to paint a rosy picture inside a muddy landscape, and buyers and sellers being VERY CONFUSED about the state of housing market. Is it getting better...
"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics".' ("Mark Twain, as attributed to Disraeli") Just received a Riverside County "Market Update" from Prudential Realty titled, "Home Sales Rebound As More California Communities Report Rising Sales Volume & Prices", supported by stat...
Great post from Michele Gibson of Hansen Real Estate Group Larry Hansen, broker / owner Calif Desert Realty  "BUT it's a Buyer's Market" At certain price points in my market area it's a seller's market, NOT a buyer's market like most news outlets report and I can explain this to buyer's until I'm...
So has the real estate market finally reached bottom? Or not? Inquiring minds want to know (and so do buyers and sellers I work with!!)  It seems like whenever I read an article in the local paper about about the housing market improving, I read something the very next day that says the exact opp...
  I Am A Local Real Estate Expert - Zillow is Not Whether you are thinking of buying a home or possibly selling your home you more than likely have stumbled upon Zillow and thought you hit the mother-load of real estate information!  It's a fancy site with Zestimates, has homes marked on a map th...
  Ah, the Open House Merry-Go-Round.  Do I do them?  Do I don't?  Do I do them?  Do I don't?  And round and round the debate goes.  And the ride never seems to stop.  "Yes, they're great."  "No.  They don't sell houses."  "Yes, I pick up buyers."  "No. They are waste of my time." No doubt, you fa...

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