sunset beach: Sunset Beach Bridge Is Finally Open!!! - 11/11/10 03:09 PM
I was assigned floor duty this afternoon, and I had to sit downstairs in the main entry because our administrative assistant left early.  Starting around 2:30 calls started coming in from other agents and clients excitedly telling us that the bridge was finally open.  A few weeks, a grand opening was held and later locals and visitors were allowed to walk over the bridge but drivers had to wait for a paint contractor to paint the lanes.  It was scheduled for next week but obviously, the contractor completed the task more long, hot summer waits for the bridge to open.  Those … (3 comments)

sunset beach: Quit Asking!!! What Part of We Cannot Afford It Do You Not Understand? - 08/04/10 04:30 PM
On most days, I read two-three newspapers.  Tonight, as I was reading, certain articles began to register...they were all about residents requesting/petitioning for money for all kinds of community amenities.  Maybe you have noticed them in your papers, also.  Most requests are for bark parks, bicycle lanes, jogging paths, play parks, etc.  In normal times, these requests to improve the lifestyle of a town's residents would be acceptable but these are not normal times.  From major cities to little beach communities, our leaders bought into the market hype.  Large outlays of capital were spent with little thought because construction was king and revenue … (7 comments)

sunset beach: Old Southern Charm at Ocean Isle Beach in Marlee Acres - 07/20/10 04:15 PM
1729 Oak Street SW, Ocean Isle Beach mainland...Today, I listed a gorgeous home (it's half mine so I'm prejudiced) in Marlee Acres, an intracoastal waterway community separated from Ocean Isle Beach by several barrier islands.  Sunset Beach Island is just to the right of the community.  One can be at either beach in just minutes.  Not only is the home full of historic charm but the community is made up of three tree lined streets that run directly from highway 179 to the waterway.  The homeowners' association is strictly voluntary; however, the piers and boat ramp are only available to private … (0 comments)

sunset beach: Vacationers, Don't Leave Your Common Sense at Home! - 06/21/10 09:12 AM
I worked outside on Sunset Beach Island early this afternoon...decided it was too hot so I am working in our island office this afternoon.  As I am doing some computer work, our maintenance men have been in and out all afternoon taking care of complaints from vacationers who arrived on Saturday.  This time of year rentals are from week to week so you won't hear too much out of the renters on Saturday or Sunday but come Monday, according to repairmen, they are in full vacation mode.  Here are some suggestions to make your vacation a pleasant one and not a … (2 comments)

sunset beach: Eminent Domain vs Individual Rights...Story of Bird Island, Sunset Beach - 06/20/10 04:23 PM
No one lives on Bird Island but there is a mailbox erected on this little strip of sand.  This uninhabited island rests between Sunset Beach and the Carolinas' state line.  Twenty-five years ago, when my children were little, my relatives and friends would all pack up picnic baskets full of food and off we would go to Bird Island.  It is a beautiful spot with the intracoastal waterway on one side and the pounding ocean on the other side.  Except for a few locals (had to have a boat), very few people knew about this lovely little island that sloped gently … (2 comments)

sunset beach: I Wouldn't Live Anywhere Else but...The Biggest Hazard With Living at The Beach! - 05/19/10 05:11 PM
WIND!!  I have lived on the Intracoastal Waterway in Ocean Isle, a waterway community in North Myrtle Beach, and a country house about fifteen minutes from the beach, and it is always the wind.  It is worse on the barrier islands of Ocean Isle Beach, Holden's Beach, and Sunset Beach but even inland, you have to deal with it all during the day.  Of course, in the heat of the summer, you pray for it to start (like the Hawaiian trade winds) but owners have to consider the effects of the wind all during the year.  First, you need to spend a … (1 comments)

sunset beach: This is why I live at the beach!!! - 03/31/10 02:55 PM
I worked out on Sunset Beach, NC today...part of the time in the Coldwell Banker Sloane office and a few hours actually on the beach.  After work, I walked out on the was gorgeous but a little chilly unless you could find a vacant dune.  As I was taking pictures, kids were coming up wanting their pictures was so much fun.  I always get their parents permission and email them home so they can print them.  Of course, I ask them to remember me if anyone is looking for a property later in the year, and I give them … (0 comments)

sunset beach: Seaside Station Mobile Home Community on Intracoastal Waterway NC - 03/27/10 04:01 PM
Years ago, a local developer owned some acreage on the ICW, and decided to name this new development Seaside Station.  Lots were cheap, building codes less stringent, and the community allowed mobile homes.  Lots had to perk (test to be sure septic tank could be installed safely) and wells had to be found.  The beach area looked like old beaches.  In fact, some areas had residents who had vacationed in the family homes since the early 40's.  There were 100s of lots and mobile homes.  The community had a property owners association that had very few restrictions, mainly no junk trailers … (1 comments)

sunset beach: Marlee Acres, An Intracoastal Waterway Community, Ocean Isle Beach, NC - 03/25/10 03:28 PM
Marlee Acres is an intracoastal waterway community located halfway between Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset  Beach.  The original developers were Mr. and Ms. Herring.  Mr. Herring is deceased and Ms. Herring has relocated to the piedmont section of North Carolina.  They kept tight control of the property only selling a few properties each year so they could control growth.  No manufactured homes allowed.  That is one factor that makes this community unique.  As a visitor turns off highway 17 onto 904, they can turn left to go to Ocean Isle Beach or right to go to Sunset Beach. The highway that connects … (0 comments)

sunset beach: Cars in the Parking Lot on Sunset Beach Island!!!! - 03/13/10 01:54 PM
What a beautiful day at Sunset Beach today...just gorgeous.  Tourist shops are starting to open in preparation for spring break.  Brunswick County is waking up in preparation to the end of the winter.I had floor duty on the island today and it was so nice to actually see cars in the public parking lot.  People were on the beach and fisherman were fishing off the shoreline. Of course, they were wearing waders. This will be one winter I will be happy to see the end of.  For the past several winters, my roses have bloomed all during the winter.  This year, I probably … (3 comments)

sunset beach: Sympathy or Disgust?? - 03/13/10 05:08 AM
This morning as I was getting ready for work on beautiful Sunset Beach, I watched a segment on one of our local television channels featuring a lady who had been married for over 40 years.  The feature went on about how they had loved each other and how they had traveled and enjoyed their life never expecting any significant change.  Her problems started when her husband was diagnosed with dementia, snd she reached a point where she could no longer care for him.  She placed him in a facility which was costing her several thousand dollars per month out of pocket. (I … (2 comments)

sunset beach: Why Did the Buyer Choose That Home in Sandpiper Bay!! - 02/24/10 02:01 PM
Last year, I listed a home at 7505 Dunbar Avenue, Sandpiper Bay Golf Community, NC.  This community made up of a golf course, condos, and single family homes was developed by Centex.  It is a mature community with hundreds of homes. The subdivision is gorgeous with large ponds throughout the area, a beautiful pool for condo owners and one for single family owners, and a very attractive clubhouse. It is conveniently located to the post office, grocery stores, and boutiques and minutes to Sunset Beach or Ocean Isle get the picture.  A significant negative for some buyers is the cookie … (0 comments)

sunset beach: Quaint Village Atmosphere vs Just Another Beach - 02/18/10 01:49 PM

Sunset Beach, NC has long prided itself on being a small, exclusive family beach with all the charm acquainted with a small, southern community.  What kept it small and exclusive?  The first  reason was the lack of sewer system. To some property purchasers, a septic tank is very unattractive plus some lots on the island are non-buildable because they will not support a septic other words, they won't perk.  Secondly, the swing bridge is old-fashioned and unique but wait until you try to check in during the summer on Saturday afternoon at 3:00.  You just drove 6 hours to the … (0 comments)

sunset beach: Sunset Beach, NC Quaint Makes Way for Progress - 02/07/10 01:02 PM


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