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The headline of Orginator Times today read....Countrywide Sued By Another State for Inducing Consumers to Take Out Loans They Couldn't Afford.  Unfortunately, this was first seen when the attorney general of Illinois filded suit against CW.  Illinois was the first state.  Now West Virginia joins ...
I don't usually present this sort of info on the web, but as I've been going through some personal challenges in life I find comfort in sharing information that is/was beneficial to me.  In the case, I personally believe, that my comfort is in the Word of God.  A friend of mine sent this to me.  ...
The microburst that came through monday night left devastation at our house.  A lot of our roof was ripped off.  Shingle nails came down and pierce car tires.  13 large trees were torn down, but ultimately our family was safe.  No one was hurt.  We couldn't access our street because of all of the...
Gotta say...this blog will be short and sweet.  I love my homey Brett.  Sure his waffling stinks, but he's old....older...and his body heals slower.  He's done more for the Pack over the last 16 years than anyone's done between all the years between Lombardi and Favre.... I think it really came ...
Pending home sales rebounded by 5.3% in June, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), against expectations that the index would fall by 1.0%. The bounce is better than the most optimistic forecasts and follows a downwardly revised 4.9% drop in the prior month. This is the second ...
Recently the House and Senate passed broad-based housing legislation that was signed into law by President Bush last week. The key changes are summarized below.  Fannie Mae®, Freddie Mac®, and HUD have not yet communicated the program requirements to mortgage lenders and investors. Once additiona...
Wow....wanted to write a great post on the ressurection of Brett Favre last night.  However, we had a storm that came through our town.  I grew up in Saint Charles and never heard or have seen what I saw last night. It started with my brother and sister and our spouses and my father taking my mom...
This past Friday, my realtor partner, Joyce Courtney, and I had our twice a year client appreciation night.  We closed down Saint Charles Bowl and booked every single lane.  We had so many families there.  We paid for pizza for everyone.  The local Pizza Hut gave a huge discount as we ordered 70 ...
Funny thing happened to me last night.  I was out eating in Geneva when I ran into Paul Fritz, local landscape business owner who is trying to be squeezed by the local dictatorship, er government.  Mr. Fritz was telling me of his woes and the villages desire to burden him with a ridiculous SSA (S...
Your personality.  Your consistency.  Your topics.  YOUR ETHICS.  These are all important factors in getting you out there in the community.  I'm not really sure why I've had a lot of success on AR.  I'd like to believe that the most predominant factors are my education, consistency and ethics.  ...

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