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Freddie Mac is doing all it can to make sure that FHA is the lender for 2009. While FHA in 2008 has had an act similar to a top tier Rocky movie, Fannie and Freddie seem to be fading like Apollo Creed.
The American Center for Law and Justice, www.aclj.org, is an awesome Civil Rights organization that takes on the ACLU and wins consistently.  When I was in law school, I did a thesis on legal persecution.  The founder of the ACLU was convicted of Treason against the United States.  Later he creat...
DOES YOUR CAR REALLY MATTER TO YOUR CLIENTS? CAN YOU GET MORE BUSINESS OR LESS BUSINESS BECAUSE OF THE WHEELS YOU DRIVE? Does a fancy sports car mean that you are successful in your business?  You know how to close a deal?  That you're motivated?  Maybe the little economy car means that you're a...
  Well the verdict is in!  It's been official now for about 24 hours. The Senator from my state has won.  What makes this post different is that it's not about anger or political correctness or acquiescence, it's about the emotions of an election. This election was rough.  There was a winning and...
I've been here for over 30 years.  I've minded my own business and lived a quiet life under the radar.  Since this election for more government, I've been blasted by people who, I believe, have not played anywhere in the realm of truth. As I've said all along.  Once this election is over, I'll mo...
First she promises your address won't change, knowing the reason you want the St. Charles address is to maintain the value / marketing power for your home.   Then she breaks her promise.   Then she says she never made the promise.   Then she remembers she put that promise in print to thousands of...
As fowarded to me today......   VOTE YES TO DISSOLVE CAMPTON!!!! The flyer that came out Saturday is VERY MISLEADING!!   Our town name WILL CHANGE.    The use of both St. Charles and Campton Hills is only TEMPORARY!!!  I was told this by the Post Master himself!!!  Call him.  Go on the web site a...
As reported today in the Kane County Chronicle, the Village Attorney keeps giving bad advice to all of the administrators in Campton.  O - for  ____________ goes the attorney.  O as in "Oh" as in zero.  VOTE YES TO DISSOLVE CAMTON HILLS ON NOVEMBER 4TH.  MY COMMENTS ARE INTERSPERSED AND UNDERLINE...

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