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Every year I put myself in a position to succeed in new resolutions.  That comes after many years of failure.  Instead of giving myself a million different resolutions I move to two or three that I can follow through with.  I finally joined the weight loss portion of AR and decided that I'm going...
Every year I vow to get better than the prior year.  There are a few reasons why I've become successful in the past few years.  The primary reason is that I always only pick a few major things that need changing so that I can really tear it up next year.  It may be weight loss, or working out or ...
Totally awesome.  Don't have much more to say in suming it up, but it was totally great....Church was aweesome, but what made my day was my kids.  Here's the low down... 1)  Church was awesome....a young stuff preacher, but good nevertheless; 2)  Gifts: a)....Brett...my nine year old.  He gave a ...
Happy Birthday Michelle!  Today is her birthday and I need your help.  Today is the last birthday that SHE'LL EVER HAVE in the 30's.  Yes....today she is 39. I was the first to wish her happy birthday today when I got up.  Of course, I couldn't help bugging her a bit.  I welcomed her into the beg...
Well, the Holidays are officially upon us.  There are so many people who have already left for the holidays.  We're seeing what happens during this time each year.  Rates generally go up.  That is exactly what has happened during this season. Last week the Fed announced that it was going to buy u...
Had the most awesome weekend.  Started last week.  I had the Christmas party for the law firm that I work at.  I came prepared in a fine set of Billy Bob Teeth.  Needless to say I was the hit of the party....   You should have seen me doing shots. Then Friday night I had off, but had to go in and...
Talk about crying in your beer.    I know that I'm whining when people have real problems.  This post will be short since my problems are not those of the average american worker.  The problem? I'm busy...I'm too busy right now.  A month ago the stress was making ends meet.  Now it's how do I han...
Mortgage prices shot out of a canon yesterday morning as prices surged to all time highs.   This was so cool....but no sooner did it take off than it gave it all back and then some.  However, a heavy dose of origination sent prices downward as buyers quickly became sellers.  Liquidity in the lowe...
This is great...according to market reports the Fed doesn't think that the Fed lowering of the Fed lending rate is sufficient to stimulate the economy.  If you think about it.  If the Fed lending rate drops to -1.0.... in other words, the Government is paying to borrow money, it really doesn't ma...
This is one of my favorite places in the world.  I love the Arctic Circle.  My dad and my brothers go up there all the time....or at least every year....each summer.  How's this for an eerie look?  Looks like a real snowy or at least carbonated, stirred up foamy water.  It really is just clear w...

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