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So what's your toughest part of your life?  I mean what's the toughest part?  I was thinking my biggest challenge today when writing this post.  I was watching the show "The Biggest Loser" with my wife.  I realized that these guys are just awesome.  They're obesely overweight and are allowed to j...
Good afternoon, Fed cut the target Fed Funds rate from 1.00% to a range between 0.00% and 0.25%. The 75 basis point cut was larger than the consensus forecast for a 50 basis point cut. This marked the first time that the Fed has targeted a range rather than a fixed value, reflecting that it is mo...
I'm a book snob.  I just being honest with you.  I'm a total book snob.  I love reading, but it's got to be worthwhile.  Rarely will I read fiction.  Life's too short.  I need to read books that refresh men and bring me to a better place in life.  It needs to bring me to success and it needs to b...
OK so Christmas is here.  It's upon us.  The commercialism is all over us....this year starting before Thanksgiving and with some....even prior to Halloween. Photo provided courtesy of AZ Photos.  WHAT I'M ABOUT TO SAY WON'T MAKE ME POPULAR IN SOME CIRCLES.   The economy is tight.  But you have f...
Fox Valley and Geneva in particular are blessed to have the Parcell family showing an incredible display of Christmas lights this year. www.twasthenightbefore.com/index.shtml is a great website that tells of the meaning of Christmas and why they do the displays. Quite a parallel to the meaning t...
Let me first say that I'm not a negative person.  Rather, I'm probably the most positive person that I know....Therefore what I'm about to say does not reflect an angry bitter person, but someone who has sat back and analyzed this 4.5% 30 year fixed rate that everyone's talking about.  Let me say...
I used to be a DJ in college. I was a DJ at the number 1 college radio station in the nation, WONC, FM 89 in Chicago. I played and listened to anything and everything, Offspring, A/C D/C, Twisted Sister, U2, Air Supply, Naughty by Nature, Salt N Peppa....You name it, I listened to it, played it a...

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