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Designed as an open forum that just allows people to talk about anything pertinent. Not politically correct...just facts, fun, advice, expertise and opinions expressed here.



Co-Borrowers are borrowers that sign in order to help the main or primary borrower qualify for a loan.  The big hub bub in mortgage banking recently has been Non - Occupant Co-Borrowers.  Non-Occupant Co-Borrowers are borrowers who will help the borrower guarantee the loan, but the Non - Occupant...
This was shared with me by a fellow co-worker.  It really is educational as to what our government was set up to be by the founding fathers.  I hate watching a 10 minute video, but I will tell you that this one really is worth it.  In the end, it scares me the path that our country and government...
The National Joke is the politics in Illinois.  First, you have George Ryan spending time in the big house for crimes against the tax payer.  Then Obama gets elected leaving Chicago almost bankrupt and Illinois on the way to a record $11 Billion Dollar deficit.  Rod Blagoevich-after the impeachme...
Gotta tell you.  I almost feel guilty making my kids feel so great!  As an attorney, we just took custody of a new 3 month old Bernese Mountain Dog (tranlation - we got a new one).  My kids are jacked as well.  My wife????  Well...she's been opposed to a dog, but I think it means that we're done ...
Is it too strong to say I hate you....or maybe I just don't like you.  Or maybe you're a coward.  Or maybe you're just fearful of God knows what?  I really do have a beef with you.  When I was politicking during the election in my local community I had a number of locals just state the most anony...
Over 500 posts and I've yet to "hang" with an Active Rainer.  Well let me redefine that.  I have a group of Active Rain Studs and Stud-ettes who hang on the phone once a week.  I have a lot of buddies who I've gotten to know on Active Rain...and I've had a lot of great phone calls from time to ti...
I have to share with you that I just pulled off another coup.  Or should I say that God did.  Just a few months ago, Tom Ward, a national mortgage speaker and owner of Majestic Consulting, referred me to Teresa-Carly Brown.  Teresa has had her own mortgage brokerage company for many years as the ...
I went to Northern Illinois University for Law School out in DeKalb.  I had a blast out there.  I used to run by the High School in DeKalb.  I still go out there every week.  When I read this story I just thought "How Friggin Cool is this?"  Actually, I was blown away by it.   You want a man and ...
          Matthew. You're a man among men when it comes to photography.  I appreciate you as a little brother and as a doctor.  Now I appreciate you as photographer extraordinaire.  You da man.  You see, I got my bro into photography when I was in college.  He picked it up.  Next thing you know ...
Wow....so I get the call.... Hello Larry, this is Suzi Q at the Daily Herald Newspapers.  Joe Schmo said that you're somone in the mortgage industry whom I can talk to.  I say, about what?  We're doing a five part series on the state of the mortgage industry and we were told that we need to start...

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