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Last month on a Saturday afternoon in Washington, D. C., House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's aide visited the Cardinal of the Catholic cathedral.  He told the Cardinal that Nancy Pelosi would be attending the next day's sermon, and he asked if the Cardinal would kindly point out Pelosi to the congregati...
Wow, what a brutal 2 weeks I've had.  The problem was that there were so many things, yet nothing that really singularly set it off. But the cumulative affect had me doing the slide.  It started slowly, but like that slipperly slope....down I went.  and as I continued to slide...it really became...
I love vacationing.  Unfortunately, this comes to me via my brother, Dr. Matthew Bettag.  He's a great brother as well as a great Ear Nose and Throat Doctor up in Appleton Wisconsin.  He gets to get away with his wife and kids from time to time.  Sometimes he gets to get away without his wife and...
This is very promising evidence that the government is now starting to direct their buying power in the lower coupon range.  Yesterday, over 60% of this weeks Mortgage Backed Security purchases were in the 4.0% coupon....THAT'S a whole 1/2 percent better than what you've been looking at recently....
I'm a Notre Dame freak, but right now I must say that Notre Dame is freaking out.  In fact, it's totally leaving the Catholic Church.  Notre Dame, which has become a very liberal Catholic University has now officially crossed the line.  Notre Dame needs to be hit in the pockets.  I have a friend ...
When I was a kid, my Grandfather, Otto Bettag, was on the draft board, during Vietnam.  My dad, though older than draft age, was drafted because of being a doctor.  We moved to California for two years while dad did the M.A.S.H. thing and split his time between California and Guam.  Needless to s...
Cant beat this with a stick.  How about an expo where you have a bunch of "green folks" camping out at a Triple A baseball park.  It'd be nothing but a blast.  Needless to say that's what a a bunch of boy scouts are doing here.  Lots of fun....even for the parents who had to rough it in a tent.  ...
Gotta tell you...there's nothing that I enjoy more that going to the Arctic Circle with my 3 brothers and my dad.  I think really that it's every dad's fantasy to hang with their boys up in Canada.  I love fishing.  The flight in on the Sea Plane is something else though.  There's nothing better ...
OK...so a couple of years ago Jeff Belonger , A.K.A....the true mortgage dude...asked me to write the mortgage week in review.  I must have sucked b/c it's been a while.  Now, I think that all the top dogs are on spring break and I'm the last man standing.  I'm honored to take part, so without fu...
Speechless should really mean speechless.  I'm loving sharing the Arctic so much that I figured that I'd violate the intent of Speechless Sundays.  Every summer....here we are.  This is taken at about midnight.  When we're further south, we'll catch the Northern Lights, but this year, we're so f...

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