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So now we're at 145,000+ members on Active Rain.  145,000 people.  That's no small village.  I did a population search and we're now somewhere between the size of Kansas City, Kansas and Vancouver, Washington.  Interspersed between those cities sit Rockford, Illinois, Oceanside, California, Sprin...
 Two Kane County schools to close with probable swine flu cases The Kane County Health Department today recommended that the Rotolo Middle School in Batavia and the Marmion Academy in Aurora close temporarily following the identification of a probable swine flu case in each of the schools. This i...
OK...a couple of nights ago, I wrote a post, Adios My Friends....for now!.  I was saying that I'm off the rain for a bit.  I was to have back surgery yesterday.  Well, thanks to your prayers, my family and my doctors, I had a micro lumbar laminectomy (basically we'll call it micro disc surgery). ...
OK...here's the gig.  For the last 6 weeks I've pretty much been AWOL on the rain.  Sure I've posted 2 or 3 times a week here, but as most my followers note, I post pretty much daily here for the past two plus years.  Eight weeks ago I had some severe pain in my leg.  I couldn't figure it out and...
Just met with some people that I've know for over 30 years.  Well respected attorneys and doctors in our community that have the highest peer and public ratings.  While I was meeting with each, both (independently of each other) mentioned that in the last 30 days they had gone out and purchased a...
Most people reading this would think that this post would be about someone else, someone infringing in my life and in my "bidnez".  Nope this is a simple post.  This is a post that I've been praying for for over six weeks. You see, about eight weeks ago, I had the most excrutiating pain that I've...
I was reading Jeff Belonger's post today.   Mortgage Knowledge at its BEST!!!! (Jeff Belonger) His post,  To be or not to be an EXPERT, that is the question - Such as an FHA Expert, is fairly straightforward.  The post is fairly straightforward in that he gives examples in supporting his theory t...
How about this?  A girl goes on one of those high wire jump o lines and goes nuts.  It's really cool.  I'd love to do it myself, but hey, it only holds about 200 pounds, but with all my beef and bulk, I'm pushing a good 230.  Let's not get into my height and weight....I'm all good, but I look at ...
It's awesome....it's long overdue, and it's time.  Fannie Mae, finally, last week, announce that it has taken steps to put things in place to allow it's current customers to refinance even though the equity may not be there anymore.  What does this mean? If you had put 20% down to buy your home, ...
Just too exciting....Just so exciting.  Our Navy Seals have sniped and three out of four of the pirates are now dead.  The fourth is in captiivity.  Needless to say, Obama better not quit funding our miitary.  It 's cases just like these that reminds us that we need to be at the top of our game w...

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