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I call him my "Dude."  He's my son and he's my rock star.  He's the 4th of the 5.  I'm still bartering for 6th.  My wife's not in for that....bummer.  I guess I should be happy with what I do have  (I really am, that's why I want more).  There's nothing more enjoyable to me that being a dad to a ...
There's a client out there waiting to buck the system.  Wants money, but doesn't want to or have the capability to play by the rules.  I was notified by a builder yesterday that there's someone out there (they even gave me the name of the person) who is into scamming mortgage companies through fr...
Yesterday, mortgages tightened slightly as continued demand from the Fed and steady purchases from money managers in higher coupons was enough to counter the supply brought to market from originators.  Mortgages tightened (outperformed) versus swaps by 1-2/32nds by 3:00pm.  Originator selling for...
Obama said that he would vigorously defend the Bush administration even though he would draw a line in the sand as to what's excessive torture.  What gets me is that torture is torture.  Torture is not being done for a sport, rather it's being done, at least in the United States, to protect the c...
This is my bud.  He's got the best disposition...EVER.  He's gregarious, outgoing and doesn't get moody at all...except for when he's ready to pass out from when his EVER READY BATTERIES run out.  He's such a free spirit.  Obviously, he's loving life and will sieze the moments for this summer.  K...
One of my favorite sports is disc golf.  In Saint Charles, we have our very own Disc Golf Course.  I used to play professionally.  I was blessed in having the ability to develop this course with the directors of the Illinois Disc Golf Association.  This course, which is located off of Campton Hil...
I get so irritated with this new HVCC bill.  Basically, it's the bill that says that mortgage production staff can't contact the appraiser to order the appraisal.  The beauty of the "old way" was that the consumer didn't have to order an appraisal, i.e., shell out $350 to kick the tires.  No, in ...
Today I am celebrating my 12th wedding anneversary.  It's just so awesome!  We were able to sneak away for a night on Friday, but it mostly consisted of going to Maggiano's and going to see a romantic comedy, THE MANAGEMENT with Jennifer Anniston and Steve Zahn.  I know that I'm repeating a recen...
Is this really about blessings?  Maybe for Mother's Day mom would be better off having a day off without being a mother.  However, Michelle, in her heart loves being a mom.  I have the best wife in the whole world.  I know this day is about you, but I almost feel guilty having such a great wife. ...
I am so blessed.  I have the best kid ever.  I'll say that about each of my 5, and my 6th, Jessi (my niece who lives with us).  But each kid has something special about them.  Grant, or "G" as I call him....he's awesome, excited, positive and purposed.  He really falls under my catergory of the b...

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