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Designed as an open forum that just allows people to talk about anything pertinent. Not politically correct...just facts, fun, advice, expertise and opinions expressed here.



I've been in coaching for a long time.  I have some really great coaches and truly feel that I have been blessed to achieve great things for myself, my company and mostly my family.  Coaching has a vein of accountability woven within its fabric.  Coaching won't really hold you accountable, but if...
Active Rain.  I can't stand you.  I'm obsessed.  Really!!!!   I got "talked into" joining you and you promised me all this wonderful things and delivered on nothing.  Of course, to be fair, I didn't know my head from my ying yang when it came to cyberspace.  I knew how to check e-mail but that's ...
I've been coaching for about 8 years.  I have a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, but got out because most people in the field of psych are really wierd.  I just wanted to help people, but all my cohorts got into psych to figure themselves out.  I went to law school and eventually got into ...
No, before you ask....that ain't me in the picture.  We're up in the Arctic.  We're camping, fishing, drinking beer and having a great time with life.  Yes...nature calls and no....there is no plumbing.  Mother Nature is kind enough to share when "nature calls."  I go up here with my dad and my ...
          Yes, I don't feel like typing.   No...not one bit, but against my better judgment I'm going to ruin this picture with words.  I love being up in the Arctic.  It beautiful.  The sun never sets and we have a great time.  The best of the best.  You can pee out of one side of the boat and ...
What does Vince Lombardi know about real estate?  Probably very little.  I'm sure that he hired a realtor to buy and sell his homes.  He may have bought cash, but who knows?  Vince didn't know me personally, but he sure knows how to motivate me.  About 4 years ago, I hired Vince Lombardi junior t...
Man, am I bummed. My boy, MJ (I still call Michael Jordan MJ too) died unexpectedly today. First thought is that it was heart disease, but who knows so soon. He was the king of wierd, but I gotta tell you he was truly the king of pop. I used to be a DJ at the number one college radio station in ...
I wish that I could say that I have had even one thing to do with this site, but unfortunately, my contribution is just sharing this site with the world, or more importantly, the concerned citizens of what I hope will someday be "formerly called" Campton Hills.  A new site was launched and in all...
Jeffrey May, chief executive of Cherry Creek Mortgage, said that in the past the company lost market share and profits when competitors were getting greedy. (Kathryn Scott Osler, The Denver Post ) Cherry Creek Mortgage Co. is among the lenders picking up the pieces in a shattered mortgage indust...
Door County Wisconsin....known as the playground for Illinois.  We love going up there.  My parents have a place on Lake Michigan.  It had two "out cabins" and lots lof lake front.  You really can't design a better sunset that this.  In the winter, my kids and Iwill be walking out on the lake.  ...

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