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I'm a licensed real estate attorney.  But I have litigated in court.  Needless to say.....I have friends who send me this stuff from time to time.  It's good humor meant to keep me and us all humble.  Hope you enjoy..... These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts,and are things ...
This isn't about Obama.  this is about insanity.  Health care reform?  How bad was it?  Asking the goverment to check your prostrate?  Your tonsils?  Give me a break.  Driving good doctors into retirment earlier.  It's a shame.  Healthcare needs reform.  Take out the middlemen, but DON'T LET THE ...
This is the reason that I became a father.  For the love of kids.  The eyes, the enamored look, the pure joy and bliss say it all.  She's in love.  Sure she loves me, but no, more importantly, she loves life, loves her summer and loves playing at the beach.  She has the world by the tail and her ...
OK kids, tomorrow is D-Day.  We already have a lot of people signed up for this webinar with myself and Tom Ward.  Tom and I will be speaking on the $8,000 tax credit.  There are so many people sitting on the fence right now.  Our duty tomorrow will be to educate them.  Let's get them off of the ...
OK, so this weekend I go up to my farm in Wisconsin for a kids weekend.  I leave my wife home so that she can have her reunion with her college buddies while I take my 5 kids and my niece with me to the farm for the weekend.  My brother, Mark, lives close by in the booming metropolis of Sheboygan...
OK....here's where I need the 101 help.  I'm really stuck.... How do I get color into my text? How do I change the size of my text? How do I add the follow me on Facebook tags for the blogs or on the right side of the page? Those are my burning questions here.  I know that I've been here quite a ...
More stuff happening to negatively impact the taxpayers of Campton Hills. I just heard that the village now wants to hire more support staff and cut funding of the police department.  Now, from the article below, an ex employee of Patsy Smith says....hey, pay me my money.  I'm not sure why we hav...
I received this yesterday.  As people know, I'm so passionate about the damage that HVCC is doing to not only the real estate market, but invariably the entire United States Economy.  I know that they are working on putting an 18 month moratorium on HVCC.  Sure, I'm OK with some oversight, but th...
I've been presenting quite a bit about the $8,000 tax credit.  This is so huge for homebuyers.  There are so many questions that homebuyers have: 1)  Whats the difference between a tax credit and a tax break? 2)  How long is this good for? 3)  What are the risks for waiting?  4)  Is it too late t...
                        This is my "baby brother," Matthew showing the world what a stud he is when it comes to Arctic Fishing.  Matthew, my brother Eric, my dad and my brother Mark all go each and every year to do some serious fishing in the Arctic.  I can't tell you how much fun it is.  we hav...

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