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Very interesting statistics: I pulled this article from the "Investor's Business Daily."  It provides some very interesting statistics from a survey by the United Nations International Health Or ganization. Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis: U.S.        ...
Let's get the easy stuff out of the way:   PRESIDENTS Willie Clinton was in office from 1994 until 2001; George Bush, or Dubbayu from 2002 until 2007; Barack O from 2008 until the present. POLITICS: Willie Clinton - Democratic president with a republican congress; George Bush - Republican pres wi...
In case you were wondering, my kids looooooooove Christmas.  They love Santa and they love the love that Christ pours into us all year round.  For some reason or another, it appears that they get along just a bit better during the Christmas season since there really is so much joy in the air.  T...
Bottom line.....Awesome Christmas.  Holy Christmas.  Fun Christmas and family Christmas.  I still ended up doing Active Rain later at night.  I even posted a new post.....Christmas....Need I say more??????.  Why would I do this?  On Christmas to add fuel to the fire.  Did you post on Christmas?  ...
Today we had Christmas....as did a lot of us.  It was a blast.  Our agenda????? Christmas Mass with the family; Opened gifts while dad (me) cooked breakfast; Breakfast Finished opening gifts; Quick Naps Went to my parent's house.  Had 21 people there.  My sister and brother and their families wer...
I guess it first started with femine hygene products.  I always hated them before I got married.  Now that I'm a parent, I hate seeing those ads on television.  Now, it seems that you can't watch a sporting event on television without seeing some 55 year old grey hair dude talking with his reflec...
Sorry, but I just have to call it like it is!  My family is the best looking family out there.  Except for that fat bearded guy in the middle.  Anyway, the purity of Christmas is so evident as these kids are so excited for our season.  This was taken during our annual "brunch with santa" breakfa...
I love this photo.  My daughter is at that age!  She's just over two, but Santa is great on T.V., but not in person.  Santa terrorizes two year olds.  I do this with all of the kids so that I can print them out and put them in their photo albums.  We're saving the pics for when the get married or...
I receive this e-mail this morning from Sue Secondi, a distinguished member of the community who needs to be supported in her bid for political office.  Sue is running for precinct committeeman.  She'll be an awesome representative who want to protect their land, and their income in troubling tim...
Donald Trump fights Michael Forbes and looooooooooooses!  Can't beat that with a stick.  This is such a great thing.  I guess "The Donald" is doing more than just Hair Creations for Men.  Yes, the Donald has been busy buying up land in Scotland for his new "best" world class golf course.  But.......

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