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Designed as an open forum that just allows people to talk about anything pertinent. Not politically correct...just facts, fun, advice, expertise and opinions expressed here.



OK.....she'd been begging for a sip the entire time.  My dad used to let us have a sip when we were pre-K, but once we got older....No way.  Tess had been begging for a sip.  I decided to let her have the whole darn thing.....when I got done with my beer.  It didn't matter that it was empty.  It...
So I blog about doing some tough stuff with unwarrantable Condos a while back.  I talk about all the difficulties with the investors, especially with the condo questionnaire.  Blah, blah, blah. Flash Forward I get a call from a realtor in Chicago who reads my post who asks me if I can handle the ...
Off Topic? You Bet! Funny, no, hysterical yes. If you came from a big family, then you will know the drill here. I have a dry sense of humor and it takes a lot for me to laugh. Having said that, this video should crack you up. For those of you that want to get straight to the point (like me), tak...
So I write this post at the end of last year.  We Received Your Payments On Time but are Foreclosing Anyway! It was one of the better posts that I've written in that it was featured and I had a ton of comments on it.  The basic gist of the post was that: I had some clients,  who were put in a mor...
One of my most favorite pictures ever! I mean ever.  This is now my background for my computer in the office, my laptop and every other place that I can put it.  She's a bit over 7, but loves sports.  She loves swimming as in this photo.  Needless to say, I love having her.  She's daddy's little...
So what's it going to be?  3 Business Cards or Your Reputation? I have a couple of just awesome relationships with a few top notched realtors here in Illinois.  I mean top notched.  These realtors build their world class businesses 100% on referrals.  I have one realtor in particular, that this v...
I saw a post not too long ago from a realtor who opposes loan officers giving realtors buyers to buy homes. I'm curious...why would a realtor think that way? One reason is that perhaps the realtor will feel "beholden" to the originator. Another reason is possibly the realtor thinks that if the lo...
You know what I love....and I mean just LOVE about this picture?  What I love is that he has such a purposed and intense look about him.  He'd been rocking it pretty hard on vacation, but I gotta tell you, if they weren't related, I'd swear that they're in love.  Personally, I've always thought ...
I have no problems with the gray area of ethics.  Every day or every week we are confronted ethical questions that may be able to be manipulated within out minds.  But one decision is unethical or criminal in the least, and the other is good. The Bottom Line? Questions Need to be Asked! When I fi...
YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!!! Or are you?  Growing up that's what kids said to each other.  Got it???  You ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!! I have a different take on this phrase....how about you CRAVE WHAT YOU EAT!!!  This goes to 1)  FOOD 2)  LIFE 3)  DISCIPLINE 4)  BUSINESS (Real Estate) and even 5)  LOVE!!!!! ...

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