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Dr. Starner Jones. His short two-paragraph letter to the White House accurately puts the blame on a "Culture  Crisis" instead of a "Health Care Crisis".  It's worth a quick read:               Dear Mr.. President:  During my shift in the Emergency Room last  night,  I had the pleasure of evaluati...
Gotta tell you....As a dad, there's nothing better.  Little miss can't be wrong, is off and running and she's making her dad so proud.  First, can't go wrong with a little girl wearing camouflage.  Can't go wrong with a girl wearing camouflage and riding a 4 wheeler.  Here's Claire learning to d...
The New Year is upon us.  We're 1 month into it.  Wow!  It's not too late to get back on that horse.  I'm inspired each year to write this because of family experiences. My Father and Grandfather each had heart attacks.  They were both MDs.  My dad still is practicing medicine even at the ripe ol...
OK.....so she's dumping her baby fat, and I'm taking it on!  Gross!  Well.....either way, it's great for me to hang with my little girl!  I love Tessa.  She's awesome!  She has a bit of spit fire with her, but it's all positive.  She never whines except when she's super tired, but she's not mood...
If you are in the Chicago Market, tune into A.M. 950 at 3:15 pm.  You'll hear Nick Federsfield.  Nick is a frequent guest on Relavent Radio.  I've come to know Nick Federsfield over this past year.  You see, he was transfered to Saint Patrick's Catholic Church this past year. Yes, he's my priest....
Well....the Associated Press has called it...Scott Brown is being declared the winner in the race to replace Teddy Kennedy in Massachusetts.  Seems like there is a hard swing after Teddy has passed.  Coakley, the heavy favorite who was leading up until recently by over 30 point in the polls, is n...
Gotta love U2. Gotta love the fights, the battles and the scars that Martin Luther King suffered in fighting for equality. MLK was assasinated years ago, but U2 made the most memorable song in honor of MLK. My favorite vocal from Bono is the jump in pitch when he sang "Shot rang out in the Memph...
Two things here: 1) I'm a hard core Green Bay Packer's fan. My world was rocked two sundays ago when the Pack was beat by the Cards. 2) My priest is a hard core Cowboys fan and bugs me about it incessantly. This past week he made fun of the Packers and told the folks at Saint Patrick's Parish tha...
I just got this news about HVCC.  HVCC is known as Home Valuation Code of Conduct, otherwise known as hell for homebuyers, home sellers, realtors, real estate attorneys and lenders.  Reaty Times reported that the days for HVCC may be numbered.   In the article (see www.realtytimes.com/rtpages/200...
   I've said that Im posting backwards.  Saved this for the photo part of Wordless Wednesdays.  I'm an extreme sports enthusiast and am so envious of people who are doing this stuff.  It' ridiculous.  Even though I'm violating the spirit of Wordless Wednesdays, I felt inclined to let you see what...

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