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Gotta say, I'm enjoying working over spring break, but also spending a few hours off with the kids on Spring Break.  We're having a ton of fun together.  However, while driving with my wife and kids this week, we noted that ONE QUARTER OF THE YEAR IS OVER ALREADY! Amazing!  Really!  For whatever ...
Was a lot of fun, going to this session with Da Coach, Mike Ditka.  Really, even as hard core Packer Backer, I had a lot of fun seeing Da Coah, talk about faith, life and even Da Bears.  Really, I was and am a hard core Packer Backer, but in reality, there was so much fun and drama and history w...
I hate to keep harboring on the negative, but again, who's doing what to save our community?  I remember going to the hearing between with Kristin and Patsy.  The attorney questioning her kept asking if the judges on the disconnect hearings had issues with her credibility.  She said yes they did....
Voting time is almost here.  I"m sure that Patsy and her kronies will win because so many people sit on the sidelines and don't care while she runs amok with our trust.  Kristin LeBlanc is the natural choice, but  she needs to be voted in as a write in candidate.  A few things stick out to me abo...
Another one of my pictures from our Daddy - Daughter Rock and Roll Dance.  We had a lot of fun, Claire and I.  Of course, I got to play air guitar in front of everyone to AC/DC's Back in Black.  Let's just say that Claire was impressed wiht my moves!  It was a lot of fun. But just seeing her gett...
So, in today's news, Caterpillar C.E.O., Doug Oberhelman writes.... "I want to stay here.  But as the leader of this business, I have to do what's right for Caterpillar...The direction that this state is headed in is not favorable to business." Of course, I've been blogging about this for a long ...
Very simple, but very bold.  Today I received my 85th referral from Active Rain.  No, Active Rain didn't call me and say here's a referral, but I did get someone directly from Active Rain.  Today, I had a phone call from someone in Elgin, Illinois.  They said, "Larry, My wife and I are putting an...
The current  budget repair bill would have them paying about 5.8% towards their own  retirement....right now, we the taxpayer, pay 100% of their generous  retirement, and most of us pay 100% of our own retirement  too.  I hopped on snopes then I hopped on the Wisconsin websites to see if this was...
Joey.....I love this song by Concrete Blonde. I have the original plus some garage band doing the cover. The band is nothing special, but the singer has a set of pipes that I'm actually jealous of. I play and I sing....but I can't sing at all compared to her. Here's the original from Concrete Blo...
It's official.  USDA has burped and thrown up all over us!  Finally, USDA announced that this October "loans obligated" under the Guaranteed Loan Program will be smacked with a .3% annual fee.  No annual, one lump charge as it's spread out over the full year payment cycle.  This is an "add on," i...

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