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I've always cherished getting a featured post, but it's never been a driving force for me. When I got one, though, I'd enjoy that gold star.  Nice feeling, but again....it's never been the what makes me write.  Over the weekend, I was thinking about my last featured post, What Every Buyer Needs t...
Need a Quick Fix?  Seriously?  Just once....it won't hurt you!!!! THERE ARE FOUR THINGS YOU NEED TO BUY A HOME! Income Assests Credit Appraisal The rush to the dealer begins with.... Credit..... CREDIT...... CREDIT!!!!! You got credit issues!  So what?  Join the rest of the world!  Welcome to mod...
OK, I really have a lot to say about this one.  It's Tessa, my youngest.  I really wanted to go on some elaborate diatribe about Tessa, but I really can't.  She'll be 4 in July.  But as she tells everyone else....right now shes "Free years old."  I don't even remember when I was "Free."  She tol...
The Republican led House Financial Services Committee has drafted legislation that would, among other things, raise the FHA down-payment requirement to 5 percent and prohibit borrowers from financing their closing costs.   The draft legislation is called ‘‘FHA-Rural Regulatory Improvement Act of ...
Recently I wrote a post about credit scoring entitled What You Need to Know About Credit Scoring.  There were 5 variables that affect the credit score of the borrower.  Needless to say, I really think that while credit inquiries have the lest amount of weight towards your credit, it also happens ...
Can't ever go wronig with a great photo with me and my youngest boy.  Sure I have a girl younger than Grant, but as the 4th of 5, Grant gets lost in the mix sometimes.  He's my dude and we're having family night.  My wife's hidden behind my big, fat head.  She invited a girlfriend over for the d...
Tired of working for a burn em and churn em mortgage company?  I did that in the past and from this point on.....no way!  Been here since 2000 and am loving every minute of it!  As for Cherry Creek Mortgage, Here's the deal.... WE JUST 3-PEATED BY GETTING THE READER'S CHOICE AWARDS FOR THE READER...
There are many things that people should know about FHA loans. They're great for a variety of reasons, but I'm going to give you my list of favorite reasons for considering and FHA mortgage. First time homebuyers can generally come in with less of a downpayment. Truthfully, conforming or conventi...
So just another day at the Bettag home.  Nice to hang with my wife and the five at Grandma and Grandpa's.  This little cozy coupe has been the hit for each of my kids when they're that young at my parent's house.  To say that Tessa had an electrifying experience would be an understatement.  She ...
I work my butt off.  I work sometimes, 16 plus hour days.  I love it.  I love life and love the fact that I seem to actually  be blessed and am finding direction through God's grace and guidance.  I was a DJ at the number one college radio station in the nation when in college.  I used to play th...

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