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Designed as an open forum that just allows people to talk about anything pertinent. Not politically correct...just facts, fun, advice, expertise and opinions expressed here.



Something Holding You or Your Buyer Back from Buying Today?  Check Out The: PATH 2 BUY PROGRAM! This program is beneficial for realtor and buyers for two reasons. For Buyers: Buyers...You are empowered to close the gaps that exist for buying a home.  It gives you a chart and a plan to close gaps ...
Last November I wrote a post entitled Buying 3 Months After You Sell Your Home in a Short Sale. It was a real winner, at least in my eyes, but it also made it's way to the top of my blog scroll with the gold star. The cliff note version of the post was that you can buy after a short sale. However...
So...1 year ago I was able to attend a fundraiser at Rosary High School in Aurora.  Kurt Becker, one of Ditka's linemen is a coach at Marmion Military Academy in Aurora as a brother school.  Kurt got Mike to speak about life, persistence.  Needless to say, on the way out I tackled the coach and ...
HECM For Purchase What sources are allowed for the cash required to close? The sale of the departure home The sale of the homebuyer's other assets The homebuyer's savings Gift money from parties not involved in the transaction What sources cannot be used for the cash required to close? Seller fin...
THIS IS NOT MY POST!  THIS POST BELONGS TO DAN HARKAVY, CEO OF BUILDING CHAMPIONS.  My Boss, Stacey Harding, sent this to me in text format as he sent it to every member our our company.  Dan, the CEO and founder of Building Champions (the best coaching company in North America), wrote this aweso...
One is ugly as sin....the other...not that bad.  I'll let you pick and choose.  Pretty cool for a boy to hang with a dog even if it's grandma's dog.  Grandma and Grandpa Bettag have a huge Bernese like we do.  However, his maternal grandma has this little dog that would serve as a snack for our ...
I love good music so much that I just can't wait til Friday Night! Please join Friday Night Tunes! Here are two classics from a great punk band called the Romantics. Needless to say, EVERYONE REMEMBERS the first song, "What I like About You......" I Also loved there very cool follow up during the...
Brian Buffini is all about human contact.  Oral will rule with your clients.  Yes Oral Communication, that is!  Sure, he talks about this thing called the cocooning of your clients, but the truth of the matter is that your clients want to hear from you.  Not from an e-mail or a direct mail piece,...
I had the chance to meet with State Represenative Randy Hultgren's Office two days ago.  We spoke about the real estate problems.  I had told them that round two is coming and it's going to be bigger than the first bunch that hit us.  Needless to say, I really think that it's going to hit hard.  ...
Smoking hot post by C Tann Starr about finding out who's taking your images and throwing them out to God only knows where!  Good stuff and great information.  I've been searching to see if my family has been taken hostage by other bloggers.  Thanks for the great work C! Google Reverse Image Searc...

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