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So two days ago I get an invite from my buddy to hit Lake Michigan on a Charter Boat.  We end up going on a great one north of Milwaukee, in a town called Port Washington.  Not a lot of fish on a beautiful day, but the few fish we hit....we HIT!!!!  I brought my two oldest kids, Brett and Jake. ...
I'm a freak about business planning. Most people fail because they don't have a business plan. Did you know that over 90% of people in real estate don't have a business plan? Sooooooo, the business plan is paramount. In the meantime, in my business plan, I have put down that I'd have 16 closings ...
A killer Brisket.  I have a great one on the grill with a cocoa and coffee rub.  However, I'm hosting a great event on Labor Day and I want to get a big ass brisket and do an all day slow cook.  My issue is that with the weber grill, I don't think that I generate enough heat to make it cook all t...
I've seen so many posts on Facebook from people who have been dealing with the effects of Hurricane Irene.  After seeing some of the devastation that Hurricane Irene has brought, I'm wondering if there are people in Active Rain who are in need?  It's devastating to hear of deaths.  My prayer is t...
Crazy day today.  But, in many ways a very successful Saturday, but a very unique one. Went to post office to send a care package to a friend battling pancreatic cancer; Rushed home to get coach our first football game at Saint Patrick's School.  Saint Pat's has been around for over 70 years and ...
The New standard for first-time buyers is Move-in ready! First- time buyers are no longer looking for fixer-uppers. While the idea of a starter home has traditionally meant that a property may need a bit of work, a recent survey from Coldwell Banker finds that most first-time buyers aren't lookin...
I play guitar. I'm really into the raw and acoustic. Produced versions???? Not so much. I never really cared for this song until I heard the acoustic version. Frankly, this song is so dang powerful that it really conveys what he's saying. This version is one that is truly worth the listening to.
FHA mortgages are the best thing out there. Now representing over 40% of the market in this economy, this once dinasour of a program that was thought to be near extinction is now the buzz for most home buyers. What does FHA give you as a homebuyer? The loan is assumable. If you want to, when you ...
  So I get this forwarded to me my by one of my realtor partners.  I think it's very telling on not only how to approach your business, but how to treat your team.   This interview with Kenny Chesney, the country music singer, was conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant. Q. So, you’re the C.E.O., ...
Sometimes it's really easy for me to put up my family in these wordless wednesday photos.  I just had this forwarded to me from a client.  My kids range in age from 4 to 12.  I"m guessing that this kid is about 8, 9 or 10.  Not really sure, but if I stare at this and open my mind, I can imagine ...

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