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I used to work at a camp in Colorado during my summers.  It was a blast.  I was the athletic director and I was the head lifeguard as well.  So.....what I decided is that we had to have a huge pond as well as the same big raft that we hung out on all summer.  12 foot by 12 foot.  Here we are...d...
So....at our farm we have to travel about a half hour to go to mass.  So, last weekend, we decided to do it on Saturday afternoon/evening.  We were having a sleep over with cousins anyway.  Needless to say, the church in Sheboygan Falls is attached to the parochial school.  After every single ma...
Something about her. Just love it. Here, with the live version, I just think that it's so darn raw! I love acoustic. I love "Live" and yes, I love the raw sound that emanates forth. Simply awesome! She's got a powerful voice. She's not your typical superstar. I'm a fan. Great way to drift off on ...
I DO THIS EVERY YEAR....I ALWAYS PUBLISH THIS TWICE. SINCE TODAY'S THE DATE, YOU NEED TO CHECK IN AND TAKE NOTE! Halloween is just around the corner! Every year I like to give a lot of shout outs to protecting your children. My kids actually like Halloween, but I think that they like the party an...
Your invitation to read! Family Reading Night with the Judges             Who?         Judge Lester, Judge Pheanis and Judge Schreiber would like to read their favorite bedtime stories to YOU! Event includes a courtroom tour. Don’t forget to bring your friends!                         This event ...
OK....here I am with my 3rd and 4th kids at the farm.  Of course, my wife got this past weekend off, because, super dad that I am, stole the kids from her and absconded to the board with all five of the beasts!  She loves me more with all 5 out of her hair, but all 5 love me more because of all ...
WHOOSH! ZIP! ZOOM!!!! More and more I visit the blog scroll and see two, three or four blogs that I want to read.  By the time that I comment and come back, the entire scroll is gone and those new posts that I wanted to read are replaced by a listing.  So what's a guy to do? Here's my new way to ...
BOTTOM LINE IS THAT HARP 1 FAILED TO COMPLETE IT'S JOB SO THERE'S HARP 2....... HARP 2 is designed to close the gap for home owners who we're allowed in the HARP 1 Club.  WHAT HARP 2 WILL DO THAT HARP 1 DIDN'T? Among other things.......HARP 2 Will be Eliminating certain risk-based fees for borrow...
Pretty excited to see a new great dealership in Saint Charles.  I'm glad to see that the right people are doing the right thing to help out the economy by creating jobs and adding value and service to Saint Charles and the entire Fox Valley.  I will attest that the General Sales Manager has an im...
So....MARRIED and father of 5 beasts, er Kids.  12, 10, 8, 6 , and 4.  RULE IN OUR FAMILY - Drink a lot, Pray a Lot.  Just kidding, but I do like the phrase.  So mom gets the weekend off.  I go up to our farm, which we're in the process of selling on contract to somie good neighbors, but enjoyin...

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