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  Need I say anything more?  I'm on the road and coming back again tomorrow....but just one day makes the heart grow fond.  Here's my "Dude," Grant.  Looking like a model.  He's cute as a button, but a lot of boy.  Loves football, but has a heart of passion that could make the Pope cry.  Compass...
The President has signed the Appropriations Bill with the higher FHA mortgage limits, FHA and USDA funding and the extension of the flood insurance program until December 16th.    USDA Funding Extension   USDA refinance loans with the standard "subject to the availability of commitment authority"...
So, I hope you all had an awesome and dominating Thanksgiving. One of the few Thanksgivings that I didn't eat myself to near death. In fact, there was no overeating. Just some backyard football, very limited drinks and a sample of some of the most awesome food found here in the States. The next d...
OK....nothing over the top.  Nothing too outrageous.  Something a bit boring.  Something a bit old - fashioned, but in truth, my wife is someone who I am incredibly thankful for.  Remember that dream that you had as a kid?  Football player, Rock & roll singer, Astronaut, president.  Me?  My only...
It just happened.  I spent about 1.5 months getting this guy's ducks in a row.  Sounds almost too good to be true.  But it is true.  You can't do it on a conventional loan.  You can, however, do with an FHA mortgage with: TWO CRITICAL CAVEATS!!!!! The bank CANNOT be reporting the current loan as ...
So....this past spring I went on my Daddy / Daughter date with my oldest daughter, Claire.  We went to the Rock & Roll night.  It was a lot of fun.  I have some pretty awesome pictures with us looking like we were serious rockers.  However, this time, we're just laughing and getting amped up for...
So I just heard the raw version of this song. Frankly, it's the first time I ever heard this song ever. I love it. When I was looking for the song on You Tube, I found the raw, acoustic, uncut version. Love the voice....I love the rawness of this guy. Hope you like it! Relax and enjoy!n
Blogs and Posts and Comments.  They all go hand in hand.  What I find to be a great tool for AR users are comments.  I've left just under 15000 comments since joining AR.  I've received a myriad of comments, well over  16,000 since joining as well.  So what makes comments so valuable?  Comments a...
I hate the fact that the hot days of summer are over.  We're having a blast, but in the sunroom on our back porch, I have just done a great meal with my wife and her friends.  Now...it's time for me to put my young dude, Grant down for the night!  Sheer bliss.  Love the tan and the color that th...
There's a lot more to know about this, but Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac just released their notes late today.  Allowing people to refinance over %125.....FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY!  THIS IS HUGE!  It comes down to Fannie Mae as well as Freddie Mac.  Each has their own set of rules regarding HARP 2!...

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